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An update regarding my new plans for this project- what is, hopefully, the final iteration.

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Hello there! Been a while, eh?

After a couple of years of a detour, I'm finally back on this project. The reasoning for my putting it aside was a matter of scale- I thought that whatever I did with it, it would end up too big to actually finish.

Now, however, I've realized that I can make a long-term, large-scale epic sort of story and release it in smaller episodes or arcs, which actually mitigates the original issue I had.

At current, I'm plotting out the entire story, from beginning to end. If I have the entire thing planned out, I can figure out how to divide it up and make it less daunting.

So huzzah!

In regards to story stuff, it turns out that my concept for the Shieldbearers was somewhat holding it back. They, as an omnipresent peacekeeping force, were limiting my options for the tale. Once I made the plot about what happens what that peacekeeping force disappears, however, my options just multiplied exponentially.

So more huzzah!

Look forward to seeing more from me in the coming weeks.

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