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Avaruustaistelupeli release 0.4.3 for Win64, OSX and Linux.

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A new version featuring lots of improvements on gameplay and common functionality.

Download links: Windows, OSX, Linux

Major features

Arcade physics model

Two physics models are introduced: arcade and simulation. One can be selected from battle creation menu.

physics mode selection

In arcade mode, drag and forces are adjusted for easier ship maneuverability. Simulation mode is aimed towards realistic vacuum movement. The latter is significantly harder (and hopefully rewarding) to master. Animations below show the difference with similar controls.

Arcade Mode

Simulation Mode

New stalemate handling

There are some adjustments on the rules. On stalemate (no one performs offensive actions in a while), a buoy item is spawned, that starts attracting ships together. This should improve the common situation where ships are unable to move. Also, ships with most offensive power are favored when the winner is decided.

New collision and damage model

Damage-collision -model is mostly rewritten, and everything ought to be more stable and logical. Also better suited for online gaming, if it ever becomes topical.

Fixes and smaller improvements

  • Improvements to built-in ships.
  • Crosshair now shows the ship's forward direction, not thrust direction.
  • Game should now support four controllers (lacks throughout testing, though).
  • Ability to select buildable module type from focused module in shipyard.
  • Small adjustments to UI.


  • Physics models need more balancing, and AI is still quite confused with arcade movement.
  • Controllers may still have some issues.

The next version

  • Tons of small improvements (settings handling, UI fixes, AI, controls etc.)
  • New special modules.
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