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Play CO-OP against a monster on an abandoned spaceship, where one player controls a survivor and the other the ship itself.

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ASTRUMIS - Survivor

Astrumis - Survivor is a co-op horror game. One player controls a survivor on an abandoned spaceship and the other the ship itself. They must work together to navigate the ship, solve puzzles and survive against the mysterious monster.
The twist is it's invisible to the survivor, so he must rely on the other player's information to avoid him. The second player can view the layout of the ship, control doors and activate the Motion Sensor to display locations of both the survivor and the monster. Player two requires Astrumis - Mission Control, it is available on Android only to maintain a "party game" style.

Play together with a friend over local network. (Both players have to be connected to the same network). In the future we are planning to release on Steam to allow multiplayer games accross the world.

Player one: Astrumis - Survivor
Download here

Player two: Astrumis - Mission Control
Google Play

Watch the Trailer:

Be mindful this project will be updated in the future - bugs may still occur & new features will be added over time. Some of the features planned include:
- add a tutorial level
- more levels with new mini-games and challenges to overcome
- a story

This project is made by a two-man team, so please be patient, any updates will take time :)

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