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Modtool updates and Ship Editor QoL improvements. Check that out and more in devlog 64 for Astrox Imperium.

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In this video I show some of the new changes to the ModTools section, with a main focus on the ship editor. I have added some QoL features to the ship editor that have been long overdue.

2019 11 19 14 31 12 Window

The first and most useful feature is the ability to click individual parts on the ship model to select them for editing. By holding down the CTRL button and left mouse clicking a part, the part will highlight green and the edit panel will be displayed. This improves the editor by removing the need to mouse over the list of parts to find the part you want to move.

2019 11 19 14 29 45 Window

I have also added the ability to drag the camera around the ship while you are editing. (Although the video is showing a slide drag, I fixed this last night and made the drag and release easier to use by locking the cam position onto the mouse vector.)

2019 11 19 14 39 56 Window

I will continue work on the modtools over these holiday months, and hopefully I will have everything working nice and neat for the new year. I have also included a sneak peak of the RV progress with a short video from my phone that I have appended to this devlog.

2019 11 19 14 35 41 Window

Visit the Official Website.

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