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Lots of new QoL improvements, and new generated item drops from the pesky raiders.

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The main gist of this update is the addition of the new special items. Veterans of the original Astrox HSE will remember the Rare, Epic, and Artifact items. All game modes will provide this new feature. The game will automatically adjust any existing saved games so that the new items will appear.

Currently, you CAN sell these items on the market, and you can REBUY them, but the markets will NOT generate special items. Missions however will. You may find yourself facing a tough choice over failing a mission to keep the transport item.


Here is how the generation is currently working. There is a 20% chance that a raider will attempt to drop a special item. If this attempt is successful, the new file located in the objects folder (special_items.txt) will be used to determine if and what type of special item will be dropped.

There are 2 types of special items at this point. The Active modules, and the Passive modules. Active modules make use of the LUCK variable in the special_items.txt file. Each Active module has 7 attributes that can be modified. The LUCK factor will determine how many of these attributes will receive a boost. Artifact items will have a much higher chance of boosting multiple attributes, where Rare items will be lucky to have more than 1 boosted attribute.

Colors are currently unused, but will so color the text of these special items wherever they are displayed.

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