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Some news on how we've changed Aria (for the better!) and the plan for release from December. As we're staggering the release of the game, we want you to know just how much will be in the game (planned) up until the middle of 2014.

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We have an update for Aria! We've been talking a lot and we've come to the conclusion that the Aria we set out to build was just too small for what we wanted to do…so we've made it a lot bigger! In fact, it’s around four times the size of the original, which will allow us to add in a lot more content for you (the public) to mess around with. We've had some ideas for extra gameplay elements (moving around the RPG circle) and having a bigger space means we can utilise those ideas to a great effect. We’ll stick up a few pictures of that when we've taken some – the motion now is to move everything over!

We've added a lot to the website over the past couple of days too. If you look over at the Media page right now, you’ll find the new developer diary (it’s in the developer diary playlist); you’ll also find some new pictures of the texturing we've been doing. Finally, the Projects page has been updated to give you an idea of what will be in the first release of the game.

We've been a little shy on comments for this but we want to be sure we have something solid before we release it to you. By the end of Unbreakable’s planned development (which will be continuing until August 2014) we’ll have released three installments of the game, each one bringing you more playable characters, maps, allied and enemy forces, mechanics and much, much more. At present we have four characters planned for release, three strongholds (Aria is separate and will be updated in every release as we expanding the world you can explore), ten enemy types (including three types of dragon), and ten allied units (including towers and emplacements). We’re gearing toward a December release for the Alpha, but we’ll keep you posted if that changes. In the next few weeks we’re hoping to have some gameplay footage of Unbreakable to release to you guys, so stay tuned for that!

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