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Archtower v0.3.7 is on indiedb.com now! Check this out. Archtower is an action/rpg roguelite.

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Traumas & Decorations Edition Patch v0.3.7 is released!

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Patchnotes v0.3.7:

• traumas system
• a chance to survive and escape from the tower
• hospital in clan's domain
• option to always compare items with equipment
• auto equip if a slot is free
• skill cooldown (affected by DEX and clan bonuses)
• new decorations (mostly in the tower)
• enemies can climb on some decorations to avoid them getting stuck
• new heavy weapon: greatswords, battleaxes (wider attack, target +1, reloads both weapon slots)
• forge in clan's domain (to unlock heavy weapons, will have more functionality later)
• new perk: heavy weapons mastery
• new perk: titan grip (heavy weapons don't affect reload of another weapon slot)

• more clear task description for Fighter class quest with timer
• Vandal's upgrade that gives you hp regen in combat improves by rage points
• exp modifiers changes: it was normal x0.9, hard x1.0 => now normal x1.0, hard x1.05
• more obvious location of a chain lever to get last quest mob in quest Disrespect
• larger buttons for inventory sorting and switching shop lists
• Rogue class quest to get a new skill, assassin spawns rarer if a player character level is less or equal to 4
• throwing knife model fixed and redone
• innate casting speed formula is now based on (2INT+DEX), not just INT
• Poisoner's poisons INT-based now, instead of DEX+INT
• crystal skill firebolt is buffed - better trajectory, range and burn chance
• crystal skill poison spit is nerfed - on hit instant poison damage 1/4 of a total dot, instead of 1/3
• crystal skills are not tied to STR/DEX/INT stats anymore, also available to all archetypes
• crystal master perk reworked to give bonuses like scholar's crystallography
• statues that thunderstrike you can be turned off, you need to smash all nearest electric orbs
• pre intro text rewritten a bit
• changes in bleed tick damage formula - more bleed you get, faster it ticks, and vice versa
• decreased stat requirements for spears (STR 28 and DEX 28 => STR 25 and DEX 25)
• redone intro and clan's domain roads
• other minor changes

• elf knights won't block any stealth attacks of Rogue
• fixed problems of bad scaling of text in quest log when changing HUD scale
• fixed a bug, when hitting with fast-moving projectiles could boost mobs walking speed quite a bit
• fixed a bug, some objects didn't deactivate on pause
• fixed a bug, wrong damage numbers in the intro
• fixed a bug, when died and asked to press R to restart text on skill bar was messed up
• fixed a bug, switching between characters at the inn and going to retire didn't turn off support pet crystal
• fixed a bug, if died while holding a shield or aiming with ranged weapons, sprites of those would still be visible
• other minor fixes

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