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News about the new Indiegogo campaign and progress of the development. An Open World Game powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology. Feel the freedom!

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Wildlife (Work in progress)

(Indiegogo Campaign)

Welcome to AQP, The White City, a game in development since 2012.

I'm trying to do something different and new, no other GTA fan game, I don't want that.

AQP, The White City is that game, the game everyone dreams when has the opportunity to do something.

Discover a diverse, wild and complete world, the journey is yours.


About the game:

In AQP City (Working title) you can find a complete map with rivers, deserts, mountains, forests, roads, towns, volcanoes and a very detailed city. AQP is a living world, discover it yourself soon.

The inspiration for the story mode came from the following movies:

*Face/Off - John Woo*Collateral Damage - Andrew Davis*The Rock - Michael Bay*Punisher - Jonathan Hensleigh*The Equalizer - Antoine Fuqua

(Detective Steve)

The Gameplay (Special thanks to FTC)

Will be focused in the Parkour, freerunning and tactical mode. The destruction of the environment is present, the horses are present in the desert, you can use every type of vehicle in the game, from Bikes, gliders to Tanks. The weapons you love are present (like the AEK 971, M416, and a big list) in AQP. You can use even bows and grappling hooks.

the style of the game is a complex part to develop, I'm trying to do something different.

The parkour and freedom are the main protagonists in the game

(freedom in third person)


I'm working in little projects but I need to work in full time with this project. I need your help. By backing AQP, The White City you will be part of the story of this game as beta tester or preordering the game.


All the money will go directly to the development of AQP City, licenses, Development kits (consoles) and cool technology as Oculus VR:

  • License for Pro tools software.
  • Licensing Music (Radio Stations)
  • Multiplayer Servers
  • Oculus Rift Dev Kit
  • Licensing process: Simplygon, Speedtree and Mixamo Tools
  • Buy Marketplace Content
  • Recruit people (Pay jobs)
  • Porting the game for consoles.

    Fund this project and get exclusive rewards, including be a beta tester and having your name as a logo and brand in this virtual world!


Mi name is Jhosep Chevarria Capacoila.

I'm a Game artist and composer , I've worked in various indie projects and now AQP City is my main project

I'm part of the founders club of Unreal Engine 4 (beta testers) in which I met wonderful and amazing people who indirectly helped me build this game.

The Game Will be on consoles?

At the moment the game is developed in PC but I'll do my best to carry this game to consoles.

With the goal achieved, AQP City will have:

  • Free DLCs
  • Multiplayer (roleplay and game modes)
  • Oculus Rift Support
  • The real experience of an open world game
  • MODs (Unreal Engine 4 modding tool)
  • Awesome Music


  • Access to the alpha, beta, final version of the game when ready
  • Animated 3D Models- augmented reality (Vehicles, weapons and game characters)
  • your name in the game, as you wish.
  • Content made ​​for yourself in the game
  • Your favorite song in the game.
  • Exclusive content
  • and more... Look at the list of perks we selected for you.

(Building with the name of a backer)

If you can't Donate...

Thanks to everyone help me in any form, everything is welcome, Thanks for the support, if you can't Donate please share this campaign to your friends, use social networks; you are very important in this project in any way, together we will achieve a Hight Quality Indie game.

The list of backers is growing, you can be part of this great list!
First wave:

*Heath (Building featured in the campaign and trailer, you can change the name)

*crazybeast7845 (Owner and creator for an easter egg!)

*sigonesenix (Fictitious company of vehicles)

*novatlansound (Fictitious company of adventure gadgets)

*CL8i. (AQP Citizen, day one)

Second Wave

*Chris Jenkins (AQP Citizen, day one)

*Jrobic (Beta tester, all assault weapons unlocked)

*Henri Bartels (AQP Citizen, day one)

***Your name.

AQP City is waiting for you!

null_deadaccount - - 262 comments

The graphics, character models and animations have vastly improved since the last trailer! Can't wait to see more of this!

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KyrDerz - - 133 comments

Wow, it looks too good to be true.
Limited resources, limited time, limited team. How did you pulled it off?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Vladiskov - - 384 comments

This ints just a gta clone, its THE GTA CLONE...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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