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Post news RSS APB Dev. Blog :: June 15th, 2009

A reposted version of the June 15, 2009 blog originally posted on the RA:APB forums. This trimmed version has an image and a paragraph or two of original text edited out. Please read the original post to see the expanded content. (link at bottom of page)

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[Note: This newspost has been edited from the origianl. Please click here to view the original post with expanded content]

A Better Today

Naturally we want what's best for our players and we try to be at least somewhat responsible here. With the best batch of testers we've ever had, we've been testing the heck out of all the changes going into Gamma and testing a ton of the changes you've recently seen deploy to the Mp-Gaming gameserver. So while our next cardinal release isn't out yet, we aim to not only keep you informed about Gamma but also try pushing out some fixups and fresh content for 1.2.0 as you know it.

As you may know, Bonzai, North by Northwest, and Tunnel Fissure are now live on the gameserver. We'd like to bring back a few more maps for you guys so you can enjoy them now without waiting for Gamma. If you would please go to this thread and vote for what you'd like to see, we'd appreciate it. We may also bring back Complex earlier than its planned Gamma re-release.

A Better Tomorrow

New players are great, but they often skip out on reading the manual or FAQs. They get frustrated and quit, or piss off existing players. Thusly we have had jonwil spin up for us a new hint system that will trigger on your first play of a map, and your first purchase of a unit, as well as your first run of the game overall. These handy game tip boxes will explain various mechanics and give you an overview of whatever you just bought so you hopefully will be prepared to use it! Click for the legible version; we're still working out the formatting for these.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

We may have the map-specific tips reset each time you play, but for the most part notices are one-time-only. Veteran players may disable them altogether from showing, but if you are curious you can turn them on again later if you want to see what they had to say.

Arming the Troops Continued

Beerinator has been a busy little bee, wrapping up some more of the new arms-and-hands content for first person. That's what Eggman needs to get going on the weapon animations and rigging process. Here's the Thief's lovely set of limbs. Click it for a larger version of course, he's got some slick gloves.

IPB Image

[note: Please read the original blog post for extra content including the M16 WIP image, Staff Changes and other info directly relating to the game server and current build of Red Alert: A Path Beyond]

Original Blog: Apathbeyond.com

justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

Good work, and the ``mini-tutorials┬┤┬┤ are very good for the new players.

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The_Commander - - 247 comments

I dislike Demo n00b's. Hopefully this stuff helps, even though there will still be the ones that push the damn button in base. :@

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BigCheese256 - - 2,241 comments

demo newbs... really annoying when they buy a demo while base is being whored by Volkovs (on keep off the grass) D:

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