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Post news RSS APB Dev. Blog :: July 5th, 2009

A reposted version of the July 5, 2009 blog originally posted on the RA:APB forums. This trimmed version has an image and a paragraph or two of original text edited out. Please read the original post to see the expanded content. (link at bottom of page)

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[Note: This newspost has been edited from the origianl. Please click here to view the original post on our forums with expanded content]

Game Updates

During the week we posted two new Game Updates, the Luna crates and the new M16, so check those out as well.

IPB Image IPB Image

New M16A2 and Soviet lunar crate - Click for Thread

Gamma Updates

We had a pretty good weekend with some solid testing logged, identifying some balance problems that slipped through (like the overcompensating Mechanic who can outrepair the combined attack power of an RPG, Hind, and Tesla Tank) and introducing a little extra polish to existing effects. We weren't screwing around all this time, we promise.

During the testing we managed to record a little bit of video, which you can watch below. There is a new YouTube account we've set up for posting videos like this, which might encourage us to do it more often so you can see things as they actually play out. In this, you can see some of the new weaponry effects, including the Dragon's Breath shotgun shells finally being visible, and some improvements to the SAM, RedEye, LAW, and V2 appearances. If you watch closely you might also notice the Hind's had some significant performance improvements.

SAM Updated

IPB Image

Click for Big

R34ch redid the SAM missile so I went ahead and slapped a texture on the thing, then redid its smoke, thruster, and sound. It also uses the new impact marks. R34ch is actually also in the process of redoing the SAM launcher itself, so look forward to seeing that in a later blog, possibly next week. Here are some shots of me bothering the defenses on the Gamma version of Seamist. You'll drown if you wander out into the ocean (or are shot down while flying over the water), by the way. In these shots, the SAMs were scaled slightly smaller than what you will see in the video above and in Gamma itself. While on the topic of SAMs, a Mammoth now does much better against aircraft, a V2 will one-shot a Longbow or Hind, and an artillery shell will mortally wound any aircraft it hits.

IPB Image IPB Image
Click for Big

Handy Update

Eggman's working on the rigging of the hands and their animations for the weapons. We've told you that already, but here are a few shots of what he's working on. More will be shown as they're done, but a full set of these will be present in Gamma. For previews, by the way, we're displaying default blue arms but these will change to fit the unit (so a Technician holding a Beretta won't look the same as a Thief holding one).

IPB Image IPB Image
IPB Image IPB Image
New Hand Poses - Click for Big

[note: Please read the original blog post for extra content including video footage of the next build of Red Alert: A Path Beyond]

Original Blog: Apathbeyond.com

justgoaway - - 8,208 comments


( and apocalypse rising too )

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The_Commander - - 247 comments

A Path Beyond: Gamma, The Next Duke Nukem Forever.

JK, :D

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Wulfburk12 - - 1,886 comments

awesome models!

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Nozzy - - 111 comments

As much as I love my APB... that shotgun blast looks so terrible and out of place. Seriously. It looks like it's shooting fireworks... =/

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Chronojam - - 413 comments

If you are concerned about the shotgun appearance, a quick reminder: our shotguns aren't shooting buckshot, they are actually shooting a combination of zarconium and phosphorus. They are incendiary shells which is why you take lasting burn damage from them. You can check out some real ones firing at Youtube.com and in related videos.

This notice has been added to the original blog posting as well.

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