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Antares - Released (20% Discount) Press Kit Included

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Logline: Antares is a Survival-FPS, set on a space station, with the stake of humanity as the backdrop.


Take control of the future of humanity by playing through an immersive, story-rich, survival-FPS. Gather resources, upgrade your weapons and shoot your way through an infested space-station. Play solo and enjoy fast paced action, tactical crafting and an enjoyable RPG element.

Creators Notes: (Some Filler when trying to hit that word count.)

As I am a solo developer, the game took about a year and half to create from scratch, which included learning the in's and out's of the Unreal engine. I am super happy with the results that Unreal has afforded me in simple yet effective ways using the base engine and the large array of plugins. The core design of the game was drawn from 90's action shooters of old, mostly the old ID software games I sunk countless hours of my life into as a child, which some updated mechanics, and far better shaders. Due to being a solo dev, the limitations of the game can be seen every now and then, and in a perfect world I would have 5 years to work on this project and get it to be the most polished game possible, but alas, the rent is due and I have tried my best. A lot of the game was simply me bringing over my background in the film industry into a new medium. Fun fact: the zombie noises are all me gurgling when sick into a H4 mic, and doing a pass through Audacity. Another fun fact is I built this entire game out of my shared bedroom because I did not have the capital to rent out a secure office for my pc and monitors, and Starbucks would not take kindly to me setting up a PC in their lobby today. I also pulled many favours. Two of the main voices in the game, are from friends of mine who happen to be actresses. Some back and forth scripts and refinement and voila, audio! I also got over twenty dev testers from "You test mine, Ill test yours' style of bartering. I personally have learnt an extreme amount from building this game and would be happy to share some of the things I have learnt from the experience like don't build an open world space-station fps as your first project, blood splatter literally makes the game or you should probably figure out your save/load system early because once your code gets out of hand, tracking down the right variables to save/load can be a nightmare. Like a gorilla-shot film, I like to think of Antares as a gorilla-made game.

Anyway, enough of me rambling. If you need more words for your wordcount, or want to do an interview or something for extra content just email reception@sonaloux (Plot twist: it goes to my phone.) and ill get back to you as soon as possible.

Fact Sheet:

  • Developer: Sonaloux Entertainment, Based in London, UK.

  • Release Date: February 27 2020. Platforms: Windows (Steam)

  • Website: sonaloux.com

  • Price: USD 15 (20% launch discount)

  • Availability: Digital Download

  • Languages: English

  • File Size: ~2.5GB

  • Press Contact: reception@sonaloux.com





  • Immersive gameplay.

  • Large open world style space-facility to explore and ultimately conquer

  • Rich single player story mode

  • Simple and fun RPG style game elements

Company Bio:

Sonaloux Entertainment was started in 2019 by Byron Swiegers as a platform to combine two media: Video Games and Film. We are carefully trying to balance the passion of looking at pixels with puppy-dog eyes, and creating a strong and stable corporate entity in order to continue or passion for years to come. But most importantly, the only thing we really care about is the consumer enjoying our creations (Exclamation Mark!)

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