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Multiplayer development is going pretty fast, we will be having internal tests pretty soon!

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Project Frequency made it to the top 100, but now PF needs more votes, help PF reach the top 5! If we do, I will release the multiplayer alpha test for free!

Project Frequency Alpha 0.1.3

There's been lots of work done for the multiplayer mode and I'm anxious to upload a multiplayer gameplay video. We will be having internal tests this week to test and stabilize the multiplayer. The recommended number of players for a networked session is 2, but I've done tests up to 4-8 players, and it works nicely! I will be uploading more news regarding the multiplayer and the future of the game shortly, for now, enjoy the screenshots below!!

Sanity emitters working nicely on a networked game


Flashlights also work, teamwork will be key when juggling light resources


PvP already works, get rekterino!


I'll go ahead and steal your loot, nice shotgun bro!


Observing a casual entity just minding is own business


Player animations are synced over the network


"I'll go upstairs, you cover the entrance to the building"


Guest - - 695,791 comments

by the weapons and the arms of the player it looks like you guys pulled stuff from the Half-Life2 mod Fire-Arms Source for yours.... not that I'm bashing or anything, its great to see them getting used instead of rotting away in cyberspace.

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BioXide Author
BioXide - - 31 comments

All assets are bought from the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace or the Unity Store, nothing is pulled from other games, I have full license over them and they're not from other titles :).

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MoreZombies - - 34 comments

Is it only local play at this point or can we expect being able ot play with others over the Internet?

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BioXide Author
BioXide - - 31 comments

Online only, this is just a network simulation running off my computer. If the game ever reaches top 5, you'll be able to enter your friend's game by just typing his IP address in :)

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null_deadaccount - - 262 comments

That field of view tho.

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BioXide Author
BioXide - - 31 comments

I'm running a network simulation on my own computer with the two screens stretched out, that's why weapons look broken lol, it won't look like that when you're playing on your computer.

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