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Announcing Perennial Order, a 2D Plant Horror Boss Rush set in an atmospheric Dark Age world, plagued by nature-infested beasts.

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Hello everyone!

We are Gardenfiend Games, a new indie studio of four founded in June, 2020.

We are excited to announce our first project, Perennial Order, a 2D plant Horror Boss Rush.

We’ve been hard at work for the past several months developing our take on the Boss Rush genre, one we feel is under represented in the gaming industry.

You can take a look at our teaser trailer for the game, which should give you an overall feel for the gameplay we are aiming for.

Perennial Order is a bit of a mix between Hollow Knight and Titan Souls, while branching off and creating it’s own unique identity.

You can read a ton more details on the game’s Steam page.

But we believe we have some truly special features that you will love. Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect.

Key Features

  • Unique Bosses | Different mechanics to adapt to.
  • One Hit Death | Every combat choice matters.
  • Limited UI | Nothing to clog up the screen to add to the atmosphere.
  • Intriguing NPC’s and World | A world worth exploring.
  • Weather System | Reactive environment to changing weather.
  • Online and Local Co Op | Bonded Journey mode. 2 player adventure.

Perennial Order Banner Image 1

Perennial Order is a game about bosses. This means we are spending a tremendous amount of effort to make each one feel totally unique and special.

The game is also fully 2D, we aren’t using any 3D tricks or shortcuts. Our main character has full 8 way direction and IK targeting. We also have our own unique twin stick melee control scheme. This means you’ll be able to aim your character’s weapon, which we are naming the Birchwood Stinger, in any direction to attack, all completely in a 2D painterly style!

Perennial Order Banner Image 6

We have been putting in a tremendous amount of effort, and have tons of amazing features and bosses planned for the future!

If the game sounds up your alley, we would really appreciate you wishlist the game on Steam.

Thank you for your interest in Perennial Order!

The Team at Gardenfiend Games

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