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Cultivating Creatures!

Gardenfiend Games is an indie game developer of 4, currently working on Perennial Order, a Plant Horror Boss Rush game set in an atmospheric Dark Age world.

About Us

  • Equal Ownership | The four founders are equal owners and share the same salary.
  • Jolly Cooperation | We each have specialities in our fields, but come together on the big picture of game design, writing, and marketing responsibilities. Everyone has a fair say.
  • Detail Oriented | We are relentless in our passion for making quality games. We think through everything and will stop at nothing to bring to life worlds people will love.
  • Hand Crafted | We make everything from scratch. No asset stores, no cut corners. Everything is made with purpose and care.
  • Fun First | Whenever we make design decisions on a project, we will always put the player first. Forever asking ourselves, “How can we deliver our players the best possible experience?”
  • Atmospheric Games | We truly strive to design our games to make players feel immersed. The game music, art, UI, and writing are all carefully taken into account at all times.
  • Emotional Impact | We design games that have a strong purpose and feeling to them. Whether it be the unrelenting fear from an unpredictable and horrifying boss encounter. Or a serene peacefulness of a casual breeze in a forgotten land, accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. We want our players to feel like they are living in our worlds.
  • A Fair Challenge | We believe games are better when you feel accomplished. This means we don’t hold back when it comes to difficulty. However, we work hard to find the line and to make all of our mechanics fair, to never cross into frustration. The sense of joy when overcoming a worthy challenge, is what we aim for.

Team Avatars

James Markiewicz | Programming

Vincent Van Hoof | Art

Miguel Félix | Animation

Julian Crowhurst | Composer / Audio Designer

All members also contribute to game design and writing to our projects.

Contact | Team@GardenfiendGames.com





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Perennial Order

Perennial Order


Perennial Order is a 2D Plant Horror Boss Rush game, set in an atmospheric Dark Age world plagued by nature-infested beasts.

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Nov 24 2021

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Nov 2 2021

RT @PerennialOrder: The spores may look like snow, but letting it into your lungs could prove fatal, or worse. Wishlist ⚔️🌿 |… T.co

Sep 18 2021

RT @PerennialOrder: "Here is safe. Here is home. Here is calm." Wishlist ⚔️🌿 | Cutt.ly #ScreenShotSaturday |… T.co

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Sep 4 2021

RT @PerennialOrder: The hive features the corpses of giants. Their insides are nothing but the home of insects now. Wishlist ⚔️🌿 |… T.co

Aug 28 2021

RT @PerennialOrder: "There are many discoveries to be made, will you help me?" #ScreenShotSaturday #IndieDev #GameDev T.co

Aug 21 2021

RT @PerennialOrder: Early sketch of an NPC idea. Nicknamed, "The Gardener". #ScreenShotSaturday #IndieDev #GameDev T.co

Aug 14 2021

RT @PerennialOrder: The Birchwood Stinger, your main weapon. Easily retractable, extends outwards quickly, and is extremely sharp and… T.co

Aug 7 2021