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Hello, I come to present my project for PC, which is still in creation. It is a survival-horror video game project, with jigsaw that will make you think and immerse yourself in an adventure of crucial decisions. It is a first person video game, and it is recommended to try it with headset

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Hello, I am here to present my PC video game project. It is a Survival-Horror video game with jigsaw and key decisions.
The game is first person, and quite immersive. It is designed in Unreal Engine 4.
I have a playable Demo that I will provide below, where you can see more or less what the final game is intended to be. And I say more or less because if I get financing I intend to use models of characters and some hyperrealist game objects, made using photogrametry.
I am currently working on the project alone, and I must make it clear that I am neither a 3D designer, nor a programmer. But so far I have managed to do and program without problems.
The demo is currently only in the Spanish language, but it is intended, at least to add the language in English.
The scenarios are of a real location, and part of the story has to do with the ancient history of the same place.
For reasons of no spoiler I will not mention anything else about the history of the game apart from the one that comes out in the demo.
At the moment I only have some images to show of the demo. And I plan to soon upload a video in which one or several people try the demo without having knowledge of it before, to see first reactions and scares.
The demo is downloadable totally free from my website www.steelfoundryproductions.com.. And I put the page and not a direct link since I am updating it and correcting errors and that is where I upload it again.

As promised, here is version 1.8 of the demo with the addition of the English language. You only have to choose language when starting the game and everything in the game will be in English, both the HUD, as well as the files and comments.
As my English is not too good, I had to use a little google translator. I hope everything is understood and not have too many failures. If you find any bug or bug, please report it to be able to correct it.
Enjoy it

If you cannot download it from here, on my website, the link is already modified, here I don't know how long it will take to verify the file.



I bring you a video of the demo, played by a friend, who had no knowledge of the game or the story. He solves the demo quite quickly thanks to some tips I gave him. But on average there are about 50 minutes of play.

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