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A brief introduction of ourselves, our game and our plans for the immediate future.

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Who are we?

We are Twisted II Studio. Developers of the up and coming horror title, Dark Fracture. A small indie title that over the past 6 months we have been slaving away at producing. Having met during a game development program, this would be our first foray into the professional development world.

We are a small team, two-person strong. And therefore, we often find ourselves juggling many hats and many roles. Toiling away on all aspects of production in some areas. And delving deep in others. With each of us coming from a different background and with a different set of skills we all have something to contribute to our project.

What have we done so far?

Well, in the time prior to the inception of this article, and this page as a whole. Our hands were far from idle. Already we have worked on a prototype of our game. A working demo of the very first iteration of our script that we have shared amidst our both piers and strangers during a few local events. The road so far wasn't without trials. But it was a delight every step of the way. And most importantly, it taught us much as we prepare for what's to come.

The first being the playable demo we are slaving away at creating right now. Is a smaller, self-contained tale within the world of our game. An appetizer to show just what it is we're trying to create without spoiling anything from the complete product.

What do we expect out of the experience?

Well, we expect to create the best game we possibly could. By which we mean to do all within our power to create something we can be proud of. Rather it rises or falls, at least we could say we grew from it. Learned new things, delved into new territories.

What can you expect of us?

You can expect to see a dedicated team bent on bringing an idea to life. An idea we wish to share, to make playable and have others experience alongside us. Be it in the many frustrations and difficulties of creation or the many joys it brings.

But now, a taste.

With introductions out of the way. It is high time we shared out Trailer. A brief taste of what's to come and what you might expect. Beyond a few still images. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as the first public build is fast approaching.


Is this really for VR too? It has the VR tag but you don't mention VR in any text and the trailer clearly isn't VR itself. Just making sure.

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Twisted2Studio Author


Our final product is expected to feature a VR expansion/playable mode, however, VR isn't currently at the top of our priorities, therefore our progress towards it may be slow.

Stay tuned!

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Looks great guys!

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Twisted2Studio Author

Thank you!

Feel free to follow/watch our game to get notified when our demo gets released.

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