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Post news RSS The AMC Squad 10th Anniversary announcement

We're proud to announce the AMC Squad 10th Anniversary edition, Read on to view the trailer and find out more.

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The AMC Squad 10th Anniversary edition Trailer

We're proud to announce The AMC Squad 10th Anniversary edition! Releasing this Christmas Eve, this new definitive edition of AMC contains a vast amount of quality of life changes, improvements, content and much more.

Just a small sampling of the changes made:

  • Art: all weapons/enemies are now unique, pickups all unique and more recognizable, polish to remove dark outlines in HUD, some new voxels like cars, lots of colour palette polish for everything
  • Sounds/Music: a lot of sounds were changed. Some music for copyright, rerecorded voices


  • Voices: Several characters have been recast with new and improved voice acting; most notably is Highwire who has an entirely new vocal performance by Steb
  • new FMVs in each episode
  • Much better onboarding for new players, first AMC base has an initial tutorial cutscene and the first level, Megabase, now has tutorial hints gently guiding you into new mechanics
  • Several missions have unique looks for certain enemies.


  • Weapons: a few new weapons to unlock, some weapons updated completely
  • AMC Base 2 gets a lot of new updates, shooting gallery has damage indicator, Weapons dealer has a voice now
  • New enemies
  • A few new story related cutscenes
  • Jane is now a fully functional player character
  • Missions: Garmid now has a huge AMC museum, Zeta Base has received updates, Doom Disco replaced with a brand new secret level, a new Jane Choasphere mission, New LA has had extensive work added, more polish in other levels
  • Hidden Chibi collectibles
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes and engine tweaks, thanks to Doom64Hunter and Sang

Join us this Christmas Eve and check out the 10th Anniversary edition when it releases!


Forsete - - 621 comments

Looks like another playthrough is in order. Not that I can complain.

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XX1992 - - 108 comments

This sounds wonderful!

Congrats to everyone on reaching the 10th Anniversary... Has it really been that long?

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SweetRamona - - 5,154 comments

Looks great as always! Looking forward to the 10th Anniversary release! 😸

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Muleke_Trairao - - 258 comments

You know, now I have a good excuse to wait until tomorrow to play AMC TC for the first time! This looks awesome!

I'm so ready. :D

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WolfenDoom1 - - 6 comments

So I imported my game data from my original AMC TC to the 10th anniversary. However, when I start it, it starts fine until I get to the mission briefing. I try to select any mission (completed or not) and when I click "enter mission" the time just disappears and it doesn't do anything. I am literally stuck at the AMC base.

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