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Small brief new years update on AMC Squad as well as Episode 5 development.

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AMC Squad Episode 4's reception

First of all, happy new year. We're happy to see that Episode 4 was received very well despite it being a fairly different experience to the previous episodes, especially with the focus on a fantasy setting. Originally the Ringworld was to just be the first half of episode 4, but we decided that it deserved much more space and justice than just being the starting portion of an episode could provide, and ultimately didn't really contribute to any significant delay. We actually managed to push the episode out nearly half a year earlier than the usual 4 year gap, and that was with 2 additional significant updates (the art redux and then the 10th anniversary)

Mikko has published his review of episode 4, which you can see here - if you've made a review of AMC Squad or a YouTube video covering it, by all means share it with us here or on our Discord

8th place in Indiedb of the year!

Needless to say we're incredible grateful to all the votes you've cast for us - we've managed to breach the top hundred before but this is the first time we've made the top ten, beating out some very heavy contenders.

AMC Squad Episode 5

Work on episode 5, Perfect Storm, started not long after the last patch; several of our mappers had already started work on maps for episode 5; release will still be some considerable time away, but we're hoping to beat this episode's record and get the final 2 episodes out much sooner. You can see the first released screenshot as well as the poster for episode 5 by sebabdukeboss20 in our media tab here. As usual we keep pretty quiet with development, so don't feel disheartened if there's big stretches of time without any updates (but as I've plugged before, our discord is active so join there if you want more info or ask us some questions) We've also finally updated the tiny hard to read conversation font for this episode, no more straining your eyes!

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Want to help?

We're always in need of mappers to help make the scope of the project possible. The same goes for voice actors, we're mainly looking for more female VAs to help out as well as older males to voice some of our more gruff characters. Post on our discord for more info!

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