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Official Trailer to support the alpha release. Alpha is due for release at the end of April 2013.

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Hi, Ive just uploaded the official Ghostship Alpha Trailer which shows some of the gameplay in the alpha versions and gives you a little more insight into the game.

The Alpha Fund and Pre-orders are now being taken, the Alpha is due for release at the end of April 2013 and will feature 4 of the 20 decks the beta will feature. For release dates for beta full game etc please check the website for details.


SinKing - - 3,119 comments

I like it, but the biggest problem to me is: it doesn't feel like I'm on a spaceship yet. It looks more like a basement in most places. Also, it doesn't seem like a big *** spaceship in places where it does look like one. It seems small and narrow, mostly.

At least you are doing something and have balls enough to put it on sale. Kudos for that! Maybe find a (better) Concept Artist and Level Designer for those kind of spaceship aestetics. Also, watch Alien or Aliens - narrow corridors, but still instant spaceship feeling, there.

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MAGStudios Author
MAGStudios - - 179 comments

The aliens movies have given me much inspiration for this and the CDF fleet has been designed with the 80s look and feel. This game is still in the very early stages at the moment with the building of the ship, the best way to explain the layout and size of the ship is to keep an eye on the ghostship website as i will be changing the current ship page with a better understanding of the ship.

Up to now 3 decks out of 20 are complete and these are all from the operations section of the ship. There are numerous smaller windows all around deck 3 and deck 1 has numerous large windows as well as the bridge. Being able to see out of the ship is the biggest aesthetic if you ask me. Much of the Personnel section of the ship has many windows and parts of the ship have had parts of the hull blown out (you need a zero-g suit to travel through these decks. I think most of the clips in this shot do not show any of the windows or even the bridge, some of my others do if you check my YouTube channel. There is much more to build yet so i hope a little further down the line this should feel more like a ship.
As well as being able to see outside the ship there are other bits of polish i will be adding such as poster for Ship Safety etc. as well as more ship orientated equipment and facilities.

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ZombieJ - - 28 comments

Looks great, can't wait to play it. Good luck!

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