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Alpha .2 was released a few days ago, fixing an enormous memory leak caused by the substance plugin for 4.19. Now Cogs will successfully run on most low-end machines. :D Which is important for the project, I want it to be as accessible as possible. Inside are patch details!

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Base Changes:

  • Substance plugin removed
  • All of the previous patches included (two)

Patch (listen my number conventions are a mess okay leave me alone)

  • Player can no longer enter the inventory and screw up the opening menu
  • Bad Joke no longer gets caught on Pouncer when trying to attack from the window and will successfully kill the player
  • Highlighting is successful now - should be significantly clearer what is focused upon
  • The dot also no longer appears
  • Base widget keeping track of power has been added to the wall for testing
  • Added a progress bar on the overlay for Cam 11, making testing Maud more viable.
  • The pressure value now resets upon Maud being released and sent back
  • Maud now properly cycles when subverted
  • Maud now has the proper murder processing information
  • Fixed a glitch with opening and closing the inventory that came from me fixing the other glitch with opening and closing the inventory, which is ultimately meaningless to you
  • Maud now kills you when you move too quickly for her taste

This patch is going to be added to the PATCHES folder for my alpha testers this evening. Morgan is, currently, deciding to have a fit of unknown origin despite working a few days ago so that'll be next patch. :D

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