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An overview of progress so far since Tech Demo release.

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A new update is currently in the works for the Tech Demo adding new locations and many bug fixes from the previous version of the map, adding more sonic physics stuff as it was pretty much lacking in the original demo map. Lead mapper Digimaks improved the terrain geometry and lighting and added new things. I fixed performance issues, hundreds of object locations, skyboxes, sea textures and the boss arena. I'll upload screenshots in the following days.

Tech Demo

A new website is being worked and it's a greatly improved version of the previous one which should hopefully be online in the next coming weeks. The current webpage link is broken for now.

Once more again, we need HELP! Texture artists for enemy skins, modellers for objects, mappers, coders, sound effect creators... The lack of active members has slowed down progress of all departments except programming. See below.

01. Fixed problem with steep slopes; you never get stuck now.
02. Fixed character talking sound volume.
03. Added light to boss.
04. Improved levers behaviour.
05. Improved character movement; less inertia and higher jumps.
06. Added a new animation shown when using springs.
07. Coded running on water.
08. Added flicker visual effect when you get hurt.
09. Overhauled translucent skin textures.
10. Fixed footstep sounds with all surfaces.
11. Fixed camera to stand still if you fall in a bottomless pit.
12. Improved spinball physics.
13. Created two new monitors; no details for now.
14. Coded secrets system; includes Secret Bonus points.
15. Added animations to bouncer objects.
16. Overhauled welcome and end of level HUD graphics and animations.
17. Improved Fire Shield move; it can perform homing attacks.
18. Improved Homing Dash move without targets; direction can be changed.
19. Created saving system similar to Sonic 3's.
20. Created new giant rings with their visual stuff.
21. Added shadows to some custom objects.
22. Increased damage delay time to 2 seconds (for now).
23. Improved water so that it can hurt you (contaminated water).
24. Improved performance of some objects.
25. Added light to invincibility stars.
26. Coded map transitions and maplists for each character.
27. Fixed Light Dash move bug (when you get stuck).
... and many more bug fixes.

- Saving system menu interface.
- Special stage.
- Tails.
- Knuckles.
- More...

Until next time...

mikejkelley - - 874 comments

Cool. This is actually the second or third mod I've ever gotten around to installing and upon playing...

I immediately got stuck in the map.

So it's good to know it has been fixed and I'll prolly be giving it another shot!

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Aeneas2020 - - 922 comments

looks good as usual

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ultimatemale420 - - 288 comments

nice to see an updat nice progress i really do hope your team increases in active members to speed up production cuz this could by far b the best sonic game ever made if you keep up the excelent work the new textures in the screen shots are looking wiked man

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shiningscorpion9 - - 2 comments

any one help me i cant open the game any one give me the game

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