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Updates Related to the story, A Delay due to new features and more platforms.

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Hello Everyone!

So This is me, Nsra Hend, the owner and the sole member of the studio Game Baker and the developer for ABJAD BIRTH: Your Doom Begins Now.

The few past days I have been working on new updates in the game, I have made a new adjustments to the music and sound system, new features include dynamic soundtracks that depend on the situation, similar to that of Alien Conscription, (Suspense, Normal and Boss Fight).

Also, a new game play element has been added to the game, belonging to the collectibles category, I called it (ABJAD Files), basically, these are objects that you collect throughout the levels to find more about the world and the story, they also grant you achievements and other rewards! These ABJAD Files will be hard or risky to find sometimes, also they require exploration of the maps and facing more difficult enemies to reach.

ABJAD Files can also now unlock a new secret ending, so collecting them will reward the player with more content and story => more joy and good feedback for your brains!

The story now is more complicated and the world is a place to explore as well, but the primary core and element of the game stays the same, shooting as much enemeis as possible akin to the classic Shoot em Up games.

The game has been delayed as well for several months ( 2 months) due to new features and plans to extend the gaming platforms for the game.

Stay well and have a good day.

Game Baker

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