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Doutwelt Games developing the Infetic World, foundation and work these last years on Infetic World the game, Meet the team And why The game changed its name to Infetic World

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Founded in 2014 ''DoutWelt Games'' is a developer of entertainment software, by the latest project Infetic World.

Everything we do in DoutWelt Games is based on all the experience of years of knowledge and design video games.

DoutWelt Games not only refers to the gaming experience, but everything we do, dedication and determination to have a good result that is recognized and enjoyable for the player.

The video game industry is constantly growing and developing. Technology improves techniques change, and design philosophies become outdated, so DoutWelt Games is constantly growing and kept up to date to keep the line and be able to provide what the player seeks and deserves.

Our doors will always be open to the community, all voices are heard, a good idea can born anywhere and at any time. Those are always welcome in our departments.

What did we do all this time?

May 2014
Doutwelt Games started to plan the project ''Rise of zurvivors''

June, 2014
Early prototypes

July, 2014
Prototype first video ''rise of zurvivors'', now called Infetic World

August, 2015
DoutWelt Team formation

September, 2015
Learning and publishing two games

January, 2016
Name change from ''Rise of Zurvivors'' to ''Infetic World''

February, 2016
Development of the project/game ''Infetic World''

Perhaps you're saying ''why did they change the name Rise of Zurvivors to Infetic World?''

Basically we knew that the old name ''Rise Of Zurvivors'' was very unclear and we wanted to create something unique, and here we have The Infetic World.

Meet the team

Mike - Developer

Charles - Developer

Salvatore - Artist

Philip - Sound Designer

Johny - Webmaster & Social Media Manager

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