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We've been quite silent for a long time, but progress has been steady. We tell you about the most recent advances in Star Apocalypse.

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Hey all,

it's been a while since our previous update. Alot of things have happened, of which I'll reveal some details to the public.

Firstly, we've been developing 2 versions of Star Apocalypse alongside to eachother.

The first version is a 2d version, with the basic gameplay included. It features very basic graphics and such, and is more to experiment with concepts. This version is to the point now where we can generate random maps of a fixed size. Gameplay hasn't been done yet, as the we want the map to be right first.

The second version has an unlimited universe. This means that new systems and such are generated on the fly. This is also a version which will experiment with several gameplay concepts. This version still needs alot of work to let it even be able to generate the universe.

Both versions are developed alongside, the 2d version will be a standalone game, but the second version has been designed so far with a browser-based environment in mind.

In the meantime, Pchan/Peter is working on several projects of himself. Our first goal is to increase our experience and skill. Once that's done, we'll be working on Star Apocalypse: ToC.

Expect more updates about Star Apocalypse soon!

dirtbag007 / Roberto

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