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Post news RSS 8-Bit Adventures 2 Twitter Showcase Round-Up #3 + Mini-Trailer!

For the past couple of months, I've been sharing info, screenshots, and music samples from 8-Bit Adventures 2 on social media. So I've gathered the third lot together for IndieDB!

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I hope everyone's 2023 has gotten off to a great start! We're now just 3 weeks away from 8-Bit Adventures 2's big launch on PC (Steam & GOG) on January 31st! (With console versions coming later this year)

If you want to support our work and help us have a successful launch, then please consider wishlisting 8-Bit Adventures 2 on Steam or GOG using the links below. It genuinely makes a massive difference.

Visit the 8-Bit Adventures 2 Steam page here.

Visit the 8-Bit Adventures 2 GOG page here.

I'm back again to share a third round-up of info, screenshots, and music samples from 8-Bit Adventures 2 that I've been posting on social media (this time from December)!

But first, it's time for another new video - the Adventures in Anbu Trailer! It focuses on a small section of the game's story, in which you fight to save the tranquil Anbu City from an undead uprising.

In the land of Anbu, dead revolutionaries rise from the grave lead by a legendary Samurai. Adventure awaits as the Glitch toys with life and death, stoking old hatreds to restart a long-ended civil war - with you right in the thick of it!

I'll be sharing a new video showcasing 8-Bit Adventures 2 each week in January, so please keep your eyes on Steam or social media!

Music Preview #4

This week's music sample is from a dungeon called The City of Sounds 🎵

Here, the music starts off simple, but grows bigger & bolder as you activate the Melody Bells - evolving from melancholic to exhilarating over 5 distinct versions!

The full 8-Bit Adventures 2 soundtrack features 78 songs, and it launches alongside the PC release on January 31st 2023!

The Leviathan

The Leviathan is a fearsome foe with poison fangs, who stalks the oceans of 8-Bit Adventures 2.

It will periodically begin thrashing around, & this is your cue to shield up, as it’ll summon a deadly Tidal Wave on its next turn!

Animated Screenshot 01 1

Music Preview #5

This music sample is the theme of a Legendary Samurai, filled with heartbreak and determination 🎵

He failed his mission in life, but after rising from the grave, he's been given a second chance...and the only thing standing in his way is *you*!


Throughout the world of 8-Bit Adventures 2 you’ll find dozens of equippables called Augments.

These let you customise your party members' stats and grant them special effects in battle - like Auto Sharp, Anti-Poison, or Emergency Barrier!

Eraser Battle Emergency Augments

Each character has 5 Augment slots, plus an Accessory slot, so there’s lots of freedom for RPG fans to create their own builds!

01 8

02 9

03 9

04 8

Ship Graveyard

Many a sailor met their end on the icy shores of the Ship Graveyard. This coastline is littered with shipwrecks, and is said by the people of Niveus to be populated only by ghosts, sirens, & spectres.

Your party is split-up in this dungeon - so beware!

01 9

02 10

03 10

04 9

The Arena

8-Bit Adventures 2 features a secret Arena where you can fight powered-up foes for spectacular prizes. Arena matches have 4 rounds, with each final round introducing a new boss!

You can also chat with monsters here and learn the Arena's hidden history... 😉

The Arena Interior Animated New

Music Preview #6

Today's music sample is titled A World of Adventure!

This sweeping, upbeat theme accompanies the player as they explore the World Map in 8-Bit Adventures 2. A world full of stories, secrets, monsters, and Airships awaits!

The Sky Forge

The Sky Forge is an immense tower built by the Dwarves. A rogue experiment forced them to retreat into their mines for centuries.

But now they’ve reclaimed their ancestral Forge, and the lost knowledge of their ancient kin - like Airship construction!

01 10

02 11

03 11

04 10

And that's it for another week! I'll have another collection of posts like this coming very soon, and please check back next week for something special! Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this post, and if you haven't already, please don't forget to wishlist 8-Bit Adventures 2 by clicking the link below 😊

Wishlist 8-Bit Adventures 2 on Steam

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