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Version 0.40 is out! More levels, an option menu and bug fixes.

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Hi, Guys and Gals!

Version 0.40 is out! So what's new you ask!?!

The biggest update is levels... This new build adds 9 more levels with 3 challenges each, making for a total of 27 new puzzles.

These new levels focus on opposite forces, with red blocks doing whatever is the contrary to your movement. There are also portals, which teleport you from one point to another, some times reaching a portal can be a challenge in itself.

Sound Effects lost their references and where replaced by Windows dings during this screen capture :)

Another note worthy update is the addition of an Options Menu which allows control over Music and Sfx Volume, Screen Shake toggle, Language supporting: English and Portuguese (PT), and Erasing Data. The additions of these controls required quite a few changes in the code and its structure mostly because this section supports many features so it was better re-structure to easily handle any translations and music / sound volumes by, instead of all over the place, having everything in 1 or 2 objects.

Other Updates Include:

  • Added Lighting Effects;
  • Graphical update and implementation of high resolution placeholders: switches, "gravity" arrows, platforms, goals, portals and effects;
  • The main game's font Pixel ^2 has also been updated and is also available for purchase, here on itch.io, this font will replace most of the games text but for now this change is only visible on the moves and block counter dialog during gameplay;
  • Added Mouse Controls on Main Menu and in-game to allow switching through art styles / perspective;
  • OUYA Controller central button now mapped as start / pause button;
  • Text dialogs no longer repeating themselves when retrying a level;
  • Although not visible, this update also implements a few gameplay mechanics for levels to come.
    • You'll just have to take my word for it :)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Blocks excess speed;
  • Getting trap between "gravity" arrows, now resets level (Level 16);
  • Controller Bug fixes on Windows and OUYA;
  • Negative level numbers on the level selection menu;

Stay tuned, safe and have fun!

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