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Post news RSS 5th June 2013 - Progress - Alpha 1.6.8

The monster stalking the player, and a small showcase of one of the random events.

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The lights at the beginning of the game, has a random chance to burts and to be shut off, rendering the player in total darkness.

Some of the buildings, all puzzle areas are safe zones. So the player have time to think to solve the various puzzles. However, some puzzles (if enabled), involves the monster/monsters.
If the lights are turned off, the player can solve a puzzle to turn them back on again; fail the puzzle, and the lights will stay off.

5th June 2013  - Progress - Alpha 1.6.8

A poofer!

Red eye means high anxiety.

5th June 2013  - Progress - Alpha 1.6.8

Monster attacking the player.

5th June 2013  - Progress - Alpha 1.6.8
5th June 2013  - Progress - Alpha 1.6.8

Monster walking towards the player.

5th June 2013  - Progress - Alpha 1.6.8

As the player is in a safe zone, the monster patiently waits outside. On hard and hardcore difficulty, safe zones are disabled.

Want to support the developers? Buy the game with the alpha funding program on Desura. Click the button below.

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If you can't afford to buy the game, or you have but want to support the developers even more, you can donate via PayPal.


Is Linux still planned for it too?

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andrenilsen Author

Yes, Linux version is developed simultaneously as the Windows version. The first test release of the Linux Build is already released for those that has supported the developers with the Alphafunding program on Desura.

A new test build of 1.6.8 is hopefully finished on Sunday/Monday. The test builds is not a representable version of the stable build, because many things may change during the development. Note that the test builds will have a version number of>>1.6.8.x, the stable release will still have the version number 1.6.8. The test releases are separate from the main branch releases.

Best regards,
André "Sarcoex" Nilsen
Lead Developer
Sarcoex Games

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