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Here are a few tips that'll make you better at Haelroth!

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Haelroth can get a bit frantic at times, with all the monster sending, purchasing items and running around trying to dodge those deadly fireballs, it is important to stay cool and collected in order to win. Don't want to always open up shop to buy monsters? Still have figured out how to do certain things yet? Fret not! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you master the arena!

1. Use Hotkeys to buy monsters!

Opening and closing shop over and over again especially when you're fending off those pesky monsters can get quite annoying, but a lot of people didn't know that there are build in hotkeys to speed those up! Simply use Shift + 1 on the keyboard to quickly purchase the first monster on your shop, 2 for second, so on and so forth, just watch out for your gold as you can accidentally spam it!

2. Get in the buy-zone to get the full shop!

Ever notice the dollar signs come up when you're in the middle statue area? That actually means you're in the buy-zone! When you're in the buy-zone, your shop gets way more options than usual, items, upgrades, and abilities! Make sure you go back to the buy-zone every now and then to replenish your items and upgrade yourself and abilities!

3. Remember to buy (and use) your abilities!

You start with no abilities in Haelroth, and you'd have to buy some in the buy-zone! The first levels of the abilities are very cheap but the provide a significant boost to your gameplay! Make sure you pick them up as soon as possible and utilise them to the best of your ability, a good spin attack and wipe out a big mob of monsters!

4. Watch out for your teammates!

Things can get a bit chaotic at times in Haelroth, especially in a 3v3, so you have to be extra careful when you place down traps or certain nodes! Some traps and nodes will have negative effects not only to the monsters but also your teammates! You can also see your teammates health so place a healing node down to save a life!

5. Spend your gold wisely!

At first glance it may seem like a good idea to just spam monsters to get more gold, but don't forget to buy items or upgrades that can save your life! More doesn't always mean better, and being strong enough to defend yourself is essential to your survival in the arena!

I hope these tips will help you in your future arena battles, see you in the arena!

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