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In addition to discussing DoN's roadmap for 2016, DoN's latest video contains 30 minutes of content and is the first comprehensive and uncut gameplay demo for DoN The Nature Game. It is narrated by DoN's dev - Venu, and covers the latest gameplay features, one full year of game-time and discusses DoN's roadmap.

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2016 Roadmap:

DoN's free alpha/demo: download was originally planned for February 2016, but as is often the case with game development it is not there yet. Performance, stability and core gameplay systems are factors contributing to this. I'm working really hard to bring a functional and polished demo out here on IndieDB but admittedly it could easily take another month or so before I'm comfortable with a public build.

Arrival on Steam Greenlight will follow straight after the game's demo is out. The scope for the first public build is a minimal ecosystem with a few species of plants and invertebrates with seasons and lifecycles fully simulated. I'd love to add more species but I have to be realistic in setting these goals as it takes a lot of time to do justice to the lifecycle of even a tiny insect!

30 minute gameplay video!

The good news is that while you wait for the demo, here's a 30 minute gameplay video for you to sink your chelicerae into! It's a long video so I've added timestamps to different parts of the video in the youtube comments as well. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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