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Post news RSS #0 The Search For Time devlog - A cultural Adevnture game

A 2000’s boy trying to fulfill grandpa’s wish, in “Alqueidão da Serra” “The Search of Time” is an cartoonish exploring and solving puzzles game, involving Portuguese culture.

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"The Search For Time"

Hello, indieDB Community!

We are the OddGeckoStudios, a Portuguese game developers team and welcome to our 1st article!

This game is about a boy going on an adventure to find a memory box for his grandfather. On the way there he will find some problems that he has to pass through in order to get his grandpa's wish.

The Game is based in the village of Alqueidão da Serra, a beautiful village with a lot of culturist interests that we will implement in our game.

This week our team has done some research on this village to learn and take inspiration from it.

Below you can see a few historical things of this village that we are going to use in our game.


( " Mill of Alqueidão da Serra" )

This is the " Miradouro of Alqueidão da Serra" very well known in this village

Calhaus amontuados

Caminho de pedra

(The "Estrada Romana")

img 0002

(The "Cruzeiro" of Alqeidão da Serra)

We have done some raw prototypes of mechanics we want to implement in our game. In this video it can be seen the mechanics of drag and drop.

And last but not least some moodboard art studies for the environment of our game inspired by the village of Alqueidão da Serra.

Screenshot 2023 03 13 210046

This is an example of a house in Alqueidão da Serra.

casa alqueidao 3


This week we have defined our ideas, done the research for our game and started the primely studies of art and prototypes of the mechanics.

That is all for this week,

See you next Monday!


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