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Testing the impact of new features on gameplay in a brand new map.

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Hey Revivers🌱

yesterday I playtested the new map I've built with our map editor and I've made this short gameplay video:

New features are self-spreading trees and functional weather.

You can notice there is a desert at the beginning of the video while at the end it is grassy ground ready for planting.

From the 18th second an acid rain starts falling.
It affects ground with a poison and also water level gets higher.
Water flow also washes the poison away from the ground continually.

Interesting fact is that poison is spreading in the ground slower than moisture.
It means the poison actually stops spreading at some point while a clean moisture continues further allowing plants to grow behind the line of poisoned ground.

We developed and implemented new features like self-seeding trees and functional weather.
They have a huge impact on a gameplay.

To see how trees are seeding and growing I've made this simple gif from 20 mins long video:
Growing Trees

If you like the game, please, follow us on Steam here

Closed beta testing will be in May, join our Discord so you won't miss it ➡️Discord.gg

Cheers! Shootinka

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