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Gamer, video game collector, content creator, web designer & developer. Developer of Wayward, an HTML5 roguelike.

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Latest tweets from @vaughnroyko

asking for directions in 2021

Jul 30 2021

When you love 80's music but also want some fast food: McDonna's.

Jul 17 2021

Heat level: watering the birds at 8PM: T.co

Jul 1 2021

Hot take: Hey guys, meet my "toon". He's a big burly barbarian warlord... This is why I will never use "toon". Just… T.co

Jun 25 2021

Taking a look at AI War 2 #aiwar2 today: Twitch.tv - Game provided by the devs, @ArcenGames

May 30 2021

Checking out "Devilated", an indie FPS RPG thingy with old-school vibes: Twitch.tv #devilated - Thanks to the dev @_Trunks_st

May 20 2021

French is one hell of a language. T.co

May 15 2021

selling inflammable snowballs

Feb 22 2021

did we ever say 20 o1? Youtube.com

Jan 21 2021