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Wayward giveaway.

Funkzilla Blog

So there I was scrolling down the trash of society that is generated on to Facebook's page when something of mild interest caught my eye.

In between the idiotic memes and annoying Facebook ads was a post by Wayward's Facebook group. A group I had 'liked' some time ago, before the game itself was released to steam. Yes, it was a group which represented a game, a survival game known as Wayward.

I had found Wayward while venturing forth in to the sea of the internet in search of a free, browser based survival game. Why free and browser based, you ask? The key to that answer lays in my childhood, playing free flash games on sites such as Miniclip and Kongregate before eventually turning to Runescape. The nostalgia attained through browser based games is something that will always be with me. So how is this relevant to Wayward? Simple, because Wayward is a game played through the browser, or at least it was.

Well, not exactly, actually the game itself is still very much playable and free on browser online. Just It can't be considered the full game. At any rate were getting of topic here, this isn't a review and I'm not criticizing the game.

Wayward is one of a kind in my eyes. It wasn't easy to pick up, it lacked anything better than a tutorial, and deaths were a constant, even later in the game. Which was why I enjoyed my time playing the free version. These points could easily be misunderstood as cons but as I've said, in my eyes the brutal experiences it can offer was the survival game I was after.

So I played, died, and discovered. Eventually I joined the discord servers, though I remained silent more than not. I joined in on the twitch streams every once and a while too, and of course showed support when the release to steam was announced.

Even after the release I still continued playing online but I inevitably stopped. The furthest I had achieved was wrought iron and a comfortably sized house with a garden and crops. Though the game stopped being what I dreamed of, a browser based game. That was perhaps for the best for a game with so much potential. I was sure I'd buy the game on steam and upon hearing of an upcoming sale I prepared my steam wallet in advance.

However I instead purchased something else, with much regret. This occurred a second time on the next sale and once again after growing wearily of my purchased game I looked back towards wayward as I coveted it. Since then it has remained on my steam wishlist as time flows on. Still I think of it every now and again.

Weeks, months and years passed. I still don't own the game, perhaps one day I'll eventually stick with my decision to purchase the game. But I must ask, what could be better than purchasing something with one's hard earned cash? Winning of course and that my friends, is where I find myself today.

With mild interest I pressed my finger on the button in a practiced manner of which I've done a millionth of times, and opened the page to indiedb.com. I discovered an old account and entered the draw to win a free copy of Wayward, the game which had continued to evade my purchase. Before leaving however I spruced the old account up with an avatar which I had previously made for the fantastic username of Funkzilla. As well as a random picture from my computer as the header. But I wasn't about to leave as is. So I decided to leave behind at least one blog, and that being this; the blog of how I came to enter the draw to win a free copy of Wayward.

Funkzilla Creator

I LOST!!!!!! xD But as we all know alpha games are very much like fine wine. they improve with time, the longer i wait the better it will be? Yes that does make sense right? god who reads this seriously what are you doing?

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