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I love games, making, playing, talking. I also do 3D, 2D and a bit of coding. But if anything I'm an idea man, seeing the web of connected concepts, how they can unfold, design oversights and why things are intentionally there or not there. Give me a topic and I can respond with a landslide of ideas, connections, theories and alternative paths. I just cant turn off the flow once its started, I mean hell I write game play mechanic docs for fun.

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Void Raiders

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The actions sweet, and the music is rocking. It has that nostalgic feel fused with modern ideas. You can feel the passion of its creators with every button pressed and every point collected. It's going to be a must for everyone when they just need to shoot up the massive hordes of evil.

My two minor problems with this game (very very minor), it is fairly easy, being able to reach the third boss without putting any points into the leveling system doesn't feel very challenging (I did play games professionally so take this with a grain of salt).

My second is that things, like boxes, or pillars that rise up, they don't have a distinct color difference between the top and side. It takes you a moment to realize what your looking at and why you cant walk through it.

If I could have I would have given it a 9.9, but 9 will have to do. Can't wait for it to be finished!

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