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Void Raiders is sci-fi top down shoot & slash action game with soft rpg elements. Expand group of your raiders, upgrade them to take on bigger challenges, compete with other raiders and become most feared pirate squad on neptune.

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Stormbound says

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20XX|S-T|Falco says

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Amazing game. Reminds me of that time me and the crew went to attack those Dinosaurs on that planet. I love the shooting and upgrading aspect and everything is so smooth. All the characters have their own unique ways of fighting. One thing I can say that could be better is to have checkpoints. Starting all over gets boring and seems unfair, even for me! Nonetheless, this is really good. You get a shine from me.


Hargeon-Green says

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It is... an extremely fast paced bullet hell of a game, and it does it well. that is my reasoning for a 10/10. however, it is missing a few things, such as 1. options. you cannot adjust the volume in game, and there is this screen shake function that a lot of people wont like. however, the developers have responded when i asked and said it will be added later in the game. 2. a general lack of content. however, this is easy to explain. it is a demo, and what it does do, in my opinion, it does extremely well. again, 10/10.


RequiemLux says

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"Void Raiders is sci-fi top down shoot & slash action game with soft rpg elements". Yep. This is the recipe to make a really fun game ^_^


tknotknot says

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Feels quite nice overall with a short play session. The different abilities with different characters bring in nice variety.

Two things that bugged me a bit were the screen shake with some weapons firing. The other thing was that the higher "blocking" objects could be differentiated better so that they could more easily avoided.

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SilverDarkBlade says

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great game 10/10 would raid again

(the rest is to meet the 100 character requirement lol)
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Thr111 says

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The actions sweet, and the music is rocking. It has that nostalgic feel fused with modern ideas. You can feel the passion of its creators with every button pressed and every point collected. It's going to be a must for everyone when they just need to shoot up the massive hordes of evil.

My two minor problems with this game (very very minor), it is fairly easy, being able to reach the third boss without putting any points into the leveling system doesn't feel very challenging (I did play games professionally so take this with a grain of salt).

My second is that things, like boxes, or pillars that rise up, they don't have a distinct color difference between the top and side. It takes you a moment to realize what your looking at and why you cant walk through it.

If I could have I would have given it a 9.9, but 9 will have to do. Can't wait for it to be finished!


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