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I love games, making, playing, talking. I also do 3D, 2D and a bit of coding. But if anything I'm an idea man, seeing the web of connected concepts, how they can unfold, design oversights and why things are intentionally there or not there.
Give me a topic and I can respond with a landslide of ideas, connections, theories and alternative paths. I just cant turn off the flow once its started, I mean hell I write game play mechanic docs for fun.

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This is going to sound more like a story then a design doc, because well thats what it kind of is. I'm sure everyone is fairly familiar with Pokemon anyway.
This version is set in the past, around 1550 AD, somewhere in Japan. Pokemon are treated very much like wild animals and are used as such. However Pokemon are not the driving force of the world your in, you are a person who has interest in training the pocket monsters where the rest of the world just sees them as wildlife. However recently the Samurai who are at constant war with their neighboring clans have begun using Pokemon as tools of war, slaughtering each other and each others Pokemon in an attempt to control larger and larger swatches of territory. The wild Pokemon have not taken kindly to this, and have begun attacking travelers and their Pokemon, fighting to the DEATH, rather then knocking each other unconscious. With multiple enemies often jumping on a single opponent or more Pokemon joining the battle midway. The wild Pokemon don't seem to mind as they have hunted each other since time immemorial. Trainer battles are still to knock out
The game includes most of the decent looking Pokemon from the first three generations with limited legendary's. Also adjustment to some Pokemon's types and how the evolve. Example, Slowpoke no longer evolves through leveling, it has a 1/50 chance of evolving into Slowbro when being attacked with a physical attack from Shellder. So as a Pokemon that is an evolution of 2 different pokemon, each level its stats would increase by both Slowbros regular stats and Shellders stats, while learning both move sets.
The player no longer has the option to buy Pokeballs (in most cases) the player can still collect acorns and bring them to nearby blacksmiths, as well as buy blueprints of pokeballs so these blacksmiths know what their making. There are no more Pokemon centers, players can pay a fee and rest at an inn or eat at a restuarant. The players can collect herbs and recipies for doctors to make medicines from. Players no longer earn money from defeating trainers, however they can earn money and xp from side quests and buy selling unwanted pokemon to butchers or collectors. There is no pokedex, however as a study of pokemon you do draw them by hand with a note of their habbits and abilities. You only draw a pokemon after battling it 10 times, you draw write information about it if you own it every time you spend the night at an inn. For TM's and HM's, they are no longer taught through discs, the player now needs to leave their pokemon with a trainer who will teach it to the pokemon over a period of time, based on how many steps the player takes
To combat this more dangerous world the player gets a more direct interaction in battles. Things that include nets that prevent enemies from running and dodging, poison kunai that both damages and has a chance to poison enemies. Mystical scrolls, which for 1 turn transform a special attack into a different type of special attack (ie, thunder to fire, water to ice, ect). Brief ideas to show you how the world is far more savage from what it is now. Finally, armour or weapons on Pokemon. Just as Pokemon can hold 1 item now, they will be able to wear 1 piece of armour or 1 assault piece (ie steel claws) in battle. If the Pokemon is wearing an assault piece, they (usually) gain a temporary attack associated with that assault piece is.
For the Dojo (Gym) leaders, they will all have 6 Pokemon however the rules of battling them will more closely follow the anime, each player only gets to use a set number of Pokemon. Also when facing them, they have second throw advantage where the player still uses the Pokemon that is first in their lineup, the Dojo leader gets to choose from any of their 6. No trainer items, Pokemon armour or assault pieces will be allowed during Dojo matches.

So I think now that I have given you the basic world idea, I can tell you about the actual adventure.

You start with your elder sister, older twin and yourself standing before your father. Your father explains that the Shogun is arranging a Pokemon tournament for the entertainment of the Emperor, and only the greatest of Pokemon will be allowed before them to demonstrate their skills. To ensure this, the Shogun has entrusted 8 powerful trainers to test a Pokemon power, to see if they are worthy or not. Your father is a famous Pokemon breeder and insists that one of his children carry on his name sake and show them how justified your family reputation is. He would go himself had he not been crippled in service to his Daimyo. As his three eldest children, he places this quest upon your heads.
He gives you the option of 3 Pokemon, fire, water and grass. Each is randomized from the first three generations so that the fire could be charmander, cyndiquil or torchic, the same goes for the other 2 types.
Your eldest sister refuses, staying her place is here with him. Your elder twin chooses the Pokemon next, his choice is based on the Pokemon's final evolution stats. You may then choose from the remaining two Pokemon. After you have chosen you challenge your brother to a battle, he refuses on the grounds that you each just received your Pokemon and you need time to grow along side it. You hear a voice off screen telling you that she'll battle you. With that your younger sister rushes onto the screen, grabs the remaining Pokemon and starts a battle with you.
After winning the battle, your father seeing the passion in your younger sisters battle allows her to keep the Pokemon and go on the adventure as well, even though she is only 10 years old. Your father gives each of you 3 Pokeballs and looks for your brother, but he has left during the battle. Your father tells you you will both need to work hard to live up to the standard he has always set. Your younger sister bosts that shes going to be better then both of you and runs off.

On your fathers farm there are a few rare free range Pokemon walking about and a few servants. Going south you enter the town, where you meet another very energetic youth who has also heard of Shoguns tournament and asked his poor fisherman parents to get him some Pokemon. He realizes that you have Pokemon and the battle begins, he has 4 magikarps. Easy victory, he decides to try and catch more Pokemon to make his parents proud.

At this point your wondering, why do I need 3 rivals, well to keep you on your toes.

So the player leaves the city and begins exploring the path. To the east there are steep cliffs and the ocean, north east a sandy cove were the player cant progress do to heavy rocks that need to be moved. North mountain range, north west they can find a cave with a man in skins named Ishihara, who offers them a potion recipe if they promise not to tell where they found him. West is dense forest, south is more cliff face and ocean and south west is the entrance to the forest. At the entrance to the forest you meet a lumberjack who battles you, he has an interesting mix of Pokemon, including 2 low level ghosts. If you win he will allow you to sleep in his house to recover. In the woods there are a few bug catchers with decent Pokemon, mostly scary bugs. The player will also find a woman looking for her two lost children, if the player looks hard enough they will find a cave with 2 unmarked graves of the children. Also in the forest there is a pond with a 1 time encounter, based on your starting Pokemon. If you have fire you will find Psyduck, water Exeggcute and grass, Venonat. If the player goes north they will find a farm, west they will find a bridge with a trainer demanding payment to cross. You don't have enough money so you have to battle him. While crossing the bridge you encounter your brother, your brother says you must have become quite skilled by now and challenges you. After you defeat him he promises to redouble his efforts and leaves. If you follow him you reach the first town with a Dojo, the Water Dojo along the cliffs. The Dojo Leader has a starmie, vaporeon, gyarados, relicanth, poliwrath and a wailmer all in their mid twenties and with a few nasty TM surprises thrown in.

In the farm
Rice is growing, and a few carpenters are building a bridge across a ravine. A farm hand is selling baby Pokemon, including, ponyta, miltank, tauros, mareep, meowth and growlith. The first 4, the player will be able to find no were else in the world. There is also a lazy farm hand who will ask you to help him with chores, starting with clearing murkrows from the fields, then killing a bunch of ratatas in the sellers and a raticate. After you have done everything for him he refuses to pay you unless you defeat him in a Pokemon battle. Once the player has collected 5 badges from around the outer path the bridge will be complete and the player will be able to walk over the mountain tops to the 6th Dojo location.

Any ideas and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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