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Just a Linux geek with a love for creative, witty, or just plain fun games... when I'm not too busy programming or reading.

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Back when Humble Bundle 5 came out, I advised people to withhold 10% of their payment and to contact developers asking for Desura keys.

However, I only gave an example of the highly-condensed message I sent to DoubleFine's Twitter. Since the newest bundle still doesn't have Desura keys, I thought now would be a good time to give an example of what a longer letter would look like:

ssokolow wrote: Subject: I've withheld 10% of my Humble Bundle for Android 3 payment until I get Desura keys

Dear Subatomic Studios,

I have just purchased the Humble Bundle for Android 3 but, as I am a Linux user, don't exclusively use Ubuntu, and hold a deep dislike for Steam-style DRM, I find the existing options for receiving automatic updates unsuitable.

As a DRM-free, cross-platform, distro-neutral alternative to Steam and Ubuntu Software Center, I consider Desura to be my game distribution platform of choice and, in ages past, Desura keys were included with Humble Bundles.

However, in recent bundles, I've noticed a pattern developing such that Desura keys are omitted with Humble Support blaming the developers for their inaction, the developers blaming Humble for not insisting on Desura keys, and Desura apologetically saying that, even if the game is already on Desura, they're required by law to leave key-giving up to the developers.

I don't really care *whose* fault it is as long as *someone* takes the initiative and I get my automatic, DRM-free updates on Linux distros other than Ubuntu.

As such, I have reduced my payment by 10% as an incentive and I have asked all my friends (and readers on my blogs and activity streams) to do the same. When I receive my Desura key, I will use the "increase your order amount" link and the "divide up your contribution" sliders to give you your share.

Oh, and please keep in mind that I habitually beat all averages even after the 10% is withheld.


{my e-mail sig}

Here are the contact methods for easy access (and how they see a 10% drop in your money):

  • Humble Bundle (Humble Tip): contact at humblebundle dot com
  • Subatomic Studios (Fieldrunners): info at subatomicstudios dot com
  • Spaces of Play (Spirits) : support at spacesofplay dot com
  • Introversion Software (Uplink): Introversion.co.uk
  • Zachtronics Industries (SpaceChem): support at zachtronicsindustries dot com
  • Gaijin Games (BIT.TRIP BEAT): @GaijinGames on Twitter

Let's see if, this time, we can get them to stop ignoring us.

Thoughts on DRM

Thoughts on DRM

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Just realised that you're one of the few people on here that actually go through the trouble of writing a review instead of just nonchalantly rating a game. I always approve of people who, when doing something, invest effort to conclude it in a way it needs to be done.

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ssokolow Creator


I'm a perfectionist, so that tends to happen whenever I'm not sleep-deprived. I just have to be careful because I sometimes get the urge to try to perfect things far beyond what is reasonable or useful.

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