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We are a small indie development studio based in Madrid, Spain. Currently developing Song of Horror, a third person survival horror inspired by the old school classics and the fear of what cannot be understood.

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A First Trial by Fire...

...or the challenge of transforming an idea and a bunch of systems into something that started to resemble a game. That was the nature of the beast we faced when, having already uploaded our first teaser trailer, we fixed our gazes on our next goal: the making of a video which could open a window into Song of Horror's playable reality.

The Presence, our teaser, enjoyed a very good reception among our followers but both them and us wanted more. People wanted to see something beyond a mere trailer, and we wanted to show a first contact with Song of Horror's practical meaning, with the game experience that, bit by bit, we're driving forward.

The main challenge came on two fronts: the purely technical one (or the implementation and tuning of mechanics, character animations and graphical work) and the temporal, for the date of our Kickstarter draws near and, by then, we need to have produced a trailer which is up to par.

Work intensity rose exponentially as our self-imposed deadline for the gameplay video got closer. 70 workhours and a week later, on the very last day that we had according to our own planning, we finished shooting the last scene. Now Manuel, our musician and sound wizard, has to include all the melodies and sound effects which couldn't make it in time to be ingame.

We've had little sleep, we've fought, we've sweated, we've feared and we've bitten our nails almost to the bone, but we have made it, and we are very happy with the result. Our only wish right now is that so are you when we show it to you, friends.

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