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Software/game developer (and youtuber once in a while...) from Italy | I speak pasta & english | Mail: info[at]p36software.net | Website: p36software.net |Twitter: premo36/p36software

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Latest tweets from @premo36, @p36software

Mi sono accorto solo ora di aver messo questa canzone nella playlist di UDB... Non quanto tempo sia rimasta li, pro… T.co

Jan 22 2022 by premo36

Hey, how's going? Little update on the projects... I once again "sidequested"... It's to much stuff for one tweet… T.co

Jan 2 2022 by p36software

RT @ProgressBar202_: 2021 is 100% complete! Thank you all so much for following. Have a nice 2022! T.co

Dec 31 2021 by premo36

#DML2X mono porting update #2: I've managed to make it running on Linux Mint 20.2! And what amaze me the most it's… T.co

Dec 17 2021 by p36software

Small update about #DML2X porting: I started working to make DML 2.4 work with mono and after a few hour I've got i… T.co

Dec 17 2021 by p36software

I was tinkering with the idea of porting Doom Mod Loader also to other non-Windows platforms, the first one being L… T.co

Dec 17 2021 by p36software

RT @romero: Happy 28th birthday DOOM. Dec 10, 1993. I left a piece of my soul in DOOM, and it's a great place for it to be (and… T.co

Dec 10 2021 by premo36

#NewProfilePic Ritorna la foto creata per errore mentre stavo cercando di sistemare un greenscreen casereccio e mal… T.co

Dec 7 2021 by premo36

RT @romero: To celebrate DOOM's 28th birthday, I'll be streaming the original 1993 DOOM (pistol start on UV) on December 10 at… T.co

Dec 7 2021 by premo36

(⬇️ Thread ⬇️) Sono oltre tre mesi che non mi facevo sentire ed passato oltre un anno dall'ultimo video su qualsia… T.co

Dec 6 2021 by premo36