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Hi, I'm Phil - one of the brains behind The Lonely Bee. We are a group of like-minded developers who are gearing up for our first release - Eggs in Space! It's our first venture into the world of Apple Apps and we are loving every second of it. Aside from gaming while on the loo with my iPhone or dusting off the Megadrive for my annual Toejam and Earl session, I love music, motors and mutts. My new best friend is a crazy basset hound called George who is about the oddest creature you will ever see/hear/smell.

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I'm starting to feel like an airport announcer, but it's time to tell you about another delay here at The Lonely Bee. Eggs in Space is heading to Apple a little later than planned, but not too long - it will be submitted within a week or so.

There hasn't been one single factor that has contributed to the game arriving a little later, we've simply tried to make Eggs in Space as good and well-rounded as we possibly can. A bit of perfectionism seems like a good idea for our first App, each improvement can only add to our sales but it would be well worth doing things properly if only to make us feel truly proud of what we've achieved so far.
We've been adding little effects here and there (splats on the camera, reflection on the spaceship's console, that sort of thing) while also coming up with a lovely new home screen. We also got lured into using Unity Pro and iTween 2, so there was a few days spent finding out what they could do for us and how to get the most out of them.
This approach reflects our novice status in the world of Apps, it's all a big learning experience, so it would be a shame not to use each new insight we gain. It's amazing how far we've come and how the game has evolved into such a subtly different beast.
We thought we designed a great game from the off, but in hindsight that wasn't quite the case. The initial concept and basic look of the game has remained has planned but so much stuff has been invented on the fly. We've added a whole new game mode, an award system and so much text you are unlikely to read the same things in the same order twice - Eggs in Space is constantly moving and improving, just like we are as developers.
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