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I love games, especially indie ones. ;D Oh and I'm the owner of an indie game developer called 'Flying Hamster Studios', Check it out! If you need programming work done just PM me! :)

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Nice concept however sometimes things not triggering or working properly can ruin the flow both in terms of the game mechanics and the controls. For example I found the pads that switched your direction would sometimes automatically change me and then others require me to press space bar. It would also be nice to have some full screen support. That aside though it's a fun little game!


World War II: Heroes of Valor - iPhone

Game review

After giving it a good play-through I have to be honest in saying that it wasn't really what I expected. Let me explain...

Firstly and perhaps my largest problem with the game is that there is practically no freedom, interaction or real thinking needed to play. For example one of the missions sees you sneaking up on a Nazi outpost and taking it out, the problem is the whole mission is just played through by pressing the '1' button without any real thinking or input on from the player. Trying to enter anything in the text box is useless which more or less makes this a short story rather than an interactive game. While the writing of the stories are good (discarding the odd spelling mistake) they're just too short I mean the assault on 'Iwo Jima' was over in literally a couple of button presses (links back to the original problem of pressing '1' repeatedly).

Currently there are only 2 short missions in the game which are good to play-through once but playing them through again isn't particularly satisfying as the story is just so linear so you can't really do anything differently. Although the names change which is a plus side but the story is still the same so it's not particularly important, sadly.

The other issue I have is with the 'camp' which you can walk around and it's a nice little touch for the game and brings it altogether however there really isn't much to do, I mean you can go get a meal but it's hardly very interesting after you've done it once and the same applies to the latrine. In your barracks you can look through your footlocker although despite my attempts at typing into the box I couldn't take anything out. I personally felt that the the whole 'camp' area needs a little more to do, for example the ability to talk to other soldiers, training, small jobs and perhaps the ability to spend money/XP on things?

Overall the game in my opinion doesn't offer nearly enough freedom or long enough stories to really be the game it could/should be...


Project Zomboid

Early access game review

A world of zombies and the freedom to do anything. One word. AWESOME.


Mount & Blade: Warband

Game review

Amazing game, could have a little more detail on the word map but it does the job. Combat is amazing and playing online with hundreds of people at once in major battles is awesome!



Game review

It's 2D element can be a bit limiting but all the other features, weapons and creatures more than make up for it. Any Minecraft fans will love this!



Game review

Do I really need to say more?



Game review - 1 agree

Good concept but some much needed development would make it alot more fun :)

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