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"don't you wish you could shine like the star?" moon.chase.star is a game about a moon who chases the star in hopes of shining like one. Looking for a fun and interactive way to screw with gravity, bounce of dangerous platforms, and shoot yourself flying through space? You've come to the right place, where all sorts of weird stuff can happen in space! WARNING: Some outdated Intel graphics drivers are known to cause issues with the game. The problem is solved by updating to the latest graphics drivers.

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Definitely a 'must-buy'

Great game, amazed to see such a great outcome from a two-manned team!
However the ending is really disapointing though, I expected more after spending so much hours trying to finish the game.


I love it !



The game is very awesome! Just loved, simple graphics, musics by Kevin MacLeod, which i love, simply cool, for those who didn't, you MUST play it!

I have completely finished the game within a very short period of time [I would say may be an hour], yet the game feels like it is padded. There aren't many unique or interesting levels. The game presents itself as a puzzle platformer, but the puzzle part is too simple. Either the player immediately knows the how to reach to the goal or it is a guessing game of which portal leads to my destination!?

There are some hit detection problem where the ball bounced off a arrow box without triggering gravity shift, bit slippery control, but all that aside . . the game needs to have more depth. The game needs more interesting levels and more serious puzzling in order to appeal to the players.

Nice concept however sometimes things not triggering or working properly can ruin the flow both in terms of the game mechanics and the controls. For example I found the pads that switched your direction would sometimes automatically change me and then others require me to press space bar. It would also be nice to have some full screen support. That aside though it's a fun little game!

Before this review I would like to note I played the game with no sound.

The game is very well put together each object does what it's supposed to do without fail.

Although very well coded it lacks challenge in a lot of levels.

There is also no wasd control only arrow keys.

Overall it's very good for a first product and I look forward to seeing what more you can contribute to the gaming world


Very addicting! I want more!


damiancyz says

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