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Kinshuk is the founder of Hashstash. Kinshuk has been working on games since 2001, and has shipped over 50 games for PC and mobiles. In 2008, Kinshuk started the first game developer community in India – Indie GameDev India, which now exists as GameDev India (eventually working with NASSCOM as the NASSCOM Gaming Form) and regularly organises Asia’s oldest game jam – Build Your Own Game Jam (or BYOG).

In 2011, Kinshuk started Hashstash and takes care of Game Design, Community Relations and Business Affairs at the company.

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2D Games

2D Games

206 members Fans & Clans

They are places where "Z axis" does not exist, only YX reign, the word is unknown 3D, games are simple but should be played, many of them will make us...

Indie DB

Indie DB

2,620 members Official

Indie games are changing the world, one giant pixel at a time. With Indie DB we aim to support independent developers and their games, by providing them...

Turn-based strategy fans

Turn-based strategy fans

344 members Fans & Clans

For all fans of turn-based strategy genre, those that are entirely different from regular wargames or grand strategies, like tactical squad TB based games...

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

750 members Web & Community

The Humble Indie Bundles or Humble Bundles are a series of game bundling experiments that allow users to purchase collections of multi-platform DRM-free...

2015 App of the Year Awards

2015 App of the Year Awards

41 members Event

Welcome to the 4th Annual App of the Year Awards. An epic celebration of mobile games for developers and players, with the years finest chosen by you...



10,107 members Entertainment & Press

Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers...



3 members Developer & Publisher

Hashstash is an independent game development studio based out of New Delhi, India. We set out in 2011 to make fun and engaging games. Our vision to making...

Infinite Eurekas

Infinite Eurekas

2 members Developer & Publisher

An infant game development company with the vision of adding some fun, jazz and colors to the mobile gaming landscape, constantly trying to break the...

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RT @AisiTaisiDemo: प्रिय दिल्ली वालों, जिस ख़ूनी जोकर के कहने पर सड़कों पर उतरे हो पहले उसे ढंग से जान तो लो। T.co

19hours ago by kinshuksunil

RT @TheRestlessQuil: Remember your favourite food bloggers, comedians, punsters, artists all keeping quiet and talking about dosas, and… T.co

19hours ago by kinshuksunil

RT @kaul_vivek: There is a service called Dunzo in Bengaluru. An operating income of Rs 76 lakh on losses of Rs 169 crore. Might a… T.co

Jan 22 2020 by kinshuksunil

RT @IVSoftware: Game design really is quite hard isn't it

Jan 18 2020 by teamhash

RT @comedylopez: Witnessed the most amazing thing on the train to Edinburgh yesterday. A guy boarded in Wigan & sat opposite me. He… T.co

Jan 11 2020 by kinshuksunil

RT @visvak: Modi's speech today was full of lies. In this thread, I am putting together tweets exposing all of them. RT widely.… T.co

Dec 22 2019 by kinshuksunil

RT @AisiTaisiDemo: एक तरफ़ है तिरंगा, संविधान, जय हिंद, और राष्ट्रीय गान गाती भीड़ और दूसरी तरफ़ है 'गोली मारो' के नारे, आठ-साल के बच्… T.co

Dec 22 2019 by kinshuksunil

RT @Jonathan_Blow: Boomers: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Millennials: "ok boomer"

Nov 30 2019 by teamhash

RT @CasualEffects: Slides and transcript for "Ray Tracing a Procedural Planet", with links to all of the code. An easy and inspiratio… T.co

Nov 4 2019 by teamhash

RT @Mattias_G: I love stb-style single header libs - it is the most important idea in the C/C++ space in modern time. I am using… T.co

Nov 3 2019 by teamhash

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