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Hashstash is an independent game development studio based out of New Delhi, India. We set out in 2011 to make fun and engaging games. Our vision to making games is to build new and engaging experiences and push the platform forward.

We are famous for our game “Circulets” - a local multiplayer game for families and friends. It was well received by our players. It won the 'Most Innovative' game award at Casual Connect Asia 2013 and the third place for Best Casual Game (after Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans) at the 6th BestAppEver awards organized by 148Apps.

In 2014, we released a spin-off of Circulets around the National Parliamentary elections – “Circulets: Lok Sabha” on the Windows Phone 8 platform with Microsoft and was later also released on iOS and Android.

We are right now hard at work on our next game “Splash Damage”. Splash Damage is an arcade, platformer game set in an ancient world, where two sacred pools of liquids want you dead. Absorbing the liquid changes your weight throwing you towards one of the either pools. Along the way come many platfroms, which are the only things you can survive on. So jump from one platform to another or fall and perish. As you meet the challenges thrown at you by the game, you unlock (and upgrade) power-ups that will help you survive, just a bit more.

The game features extensive liquid physics presented in a fast paced arcade experience. Technology, like this, has rarely been achieved on the mobile platform yet.

We are also collaborating with the other studios and working on more game titles. One of these to hit the shelves recently was “Huerons” with Infinite Eurekas. Huerons is an interesting puzzle game about spaces and grids that we will be publishing around August with Bulkypix – a French mobile game publisher.

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Trivial Engine

Trivial Engine

Proprietary licence

Trivial Engine is our solution to global warming, terrorism, poverty, racism and other world problems. We want to make the act of prototyping new game...

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Splash Damage: Survive if you Can

Splash Damage: Survive if you Can


Splash Damage is an arcade, platformer game set in an ancient world, where two sacred pools of liquids want you dead. Absorbing the liquid changes your...

Cricket Manager 2016

Cricket Manager 2016

Realistic Sim

Cricket Manager 2016 is a hobby project started by Kinshuk Sunil as an extensive, exhaustive Cricket management game.

Circulets the game for Families, Friends & Parties

Circulets the game for Families, Friends & Parties


Circulets takes the fun for families and parties to the next level by introducing two players to a competitive play on a single device. Define your own...

Zap the Knight

Zap the Knight


The happy town of Nomoresad lived prosperously until the pestilence came. Not any measure taken by the town could save it from the unrelenting pests...




In distant future, where data controls everything and everything is connected, lies a potential flaw in our societal evolution: the one who controls data...

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J3/159, Ground Floor, DDA Flats, Alaknanda, New Delhi, India

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RT @TylerGlaiel: new programming languages be like "Look how easy is it to hello world in our language! import hello module as hello… T.co

Jul 15 2019 by teamhash

RT @cliffski: If you want to believe that your first unity game, a puzzle platformer done in your spare time, with zero marketing… T.co

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A memento of our journey signed by members of the team... 8 momentous years... Heres to many more! #teamworkT.co

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Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. Hashstash turns 8 today.… T.co

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May 25 2019 by teamhash

Circulets (for Android) has been nominated in three categories at the 6th Best App Ever Awards (for Android)... Fb.me

Mar 19 2014 by ingdin

The next BYOG is here! and it is time to vote for the themes! Fb.me

Oct 13 2013 by ingdin

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