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Torque 3D

Engine review

So I have been using Tourqe 3D MIT for a while now since version 1.2 the last closed source version/First Open Source Version. This engine is currently open source under the MIT license and can be found on Github.

The Current Version is Tourqe 3D MIT v3.5. So I am reviewing the latest version.

The Engine Code has been pretty much overhauled in almost every way. The rendering part of the engine now uses a Blinn-Phong Shading model by default. You get more highlights out of your 2D spec maps. Not To mention your Models look allot nicer.

There is current work to get an OpenGL based render and Linux/SteamOS support is coming very soon. Possibly by the end of this month and android support by next year. (2014)

The Torque 3D game engine runs on C++ and TourqeScript (A proprietary Scripting language made by garage games)

On top of everything there are regular updates to the engine made by the community and steering committee that garage games heads up.
In short this engine is a must to keep an eye on in the open source space.

* It is robust in terms of networking and rendering capabilities.
* Full Source code is provided via github or you can use a binary version.
* There are many resources, tools, etc. for this engine that make it invaluable.
* The community is constantly updating the engine with new features.
* The Community is extremely knowledgeable about the engine and its inner workings.
* More platforms are being worked on such as Linux and SteamOS.

Overall I have to give this a 10/10



Engine review - 1 agree - 3 disagree

Unity3D is one of the Most simple Game engines. Period. I thoroughly enjoy using unity and Various plug-in Such as PlayMaker Visual Scripting Plugin.

Not only is it Simple but It makes game creation fun and enjoyable.


Ace of Spades

Game review

Awesome game - If you like Minecraft and you love Red Orchestra this is the game to play!

Plus it is 100% free!

Just pure awesome!


Dwarf Fortress

Game review

Awesome game especially with the Stonesense addon :)


UFO: Alien Invasion

Game review
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