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It is the year 2084. You control a secret organization charged with defending Earth from a brutal alien enemy. Build up your bases, prepare your soldiers, and lead them to victory in turn-based tactical combat.

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great fun! worth downloading!


big thx


I really love the game, the concept and the way everything is made.
some tough enemies who are a challenge especially if you are outnumbered, but that gives you a good strike of fear to lose your people because when they live long enough they become really strong. and after every battle you can feel statisfied for getting your men out alive. the research is also very good, it's not some shallow aspect of the game. the research net is a somehow complicated system so you really progress as you encounter new threaths. just to be brief, love this game, it's awesome and keep up the good job on the game. - Scorp


Best ufo-type of game I've played. And I've played them all. Be sure to grab 2.5 or newer.

Also, this game is hard.


newts says

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Totally worth the download, probably one of my favorite games now.


I'm new to UFO series. I've always wanted to try UFO, but having too outdated graphics (not that I'm very conscious about it as I also play Baldur's Gate and Jagged Alliance) or being bad recreations of the original, I never really got into them. This isn't really top-notch graphics, but it is beautiful enough that you'd love it. But gameplay is what really sets this apart. It is a bit complicated for first-timers, but once you get a hang of it, you'd love it more and more. The game lore is also well written. The more you read, the more you get sucked in; and believe me, there's *a lot* to read! Finally, the music...it's beautiful and fits perfectly to the game that it helps in immersion. Overall, the game shouldn't get anything lower than 9; but it is a 10 in my book.


Ive played this game a long time, but not enough time for me. I decided to come back to UFO: AI to prepare myself a bit more for the release of XCOM: enemy Unknown, which is also a game really similar.

That kind of game always have a great tactical perspective. If you dont use any tactics, well, you die!

this is a really great game, which have a lot of customization options available, more practical than visual, which is one of the only thing missing in it.

But, even when XCOM will be out, I think I will still continue to play this game. They look so similar, but when you play it, you start telling yourself "Will I be able to do this in any other game?"

Anyway, now, let me play.


Well done for an indie game. Much better than those craps from other game developers nowaday


KooBlu says

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In some ways, UFO: AI is superior to paid Xcom titles. The interface is simpler (larger buttons, fewer screens, larger text, fewer options, key information such as item costs and build-times is presented up-front and clearly); the gameplay more intuitive. I also like that I didn't have to consult a manual to figure out how to play the game. Finally, this game is actually fun to play. While the music offerings are limited, they fit PERFECTLY with the gameplay. And after playing the game for over an hour, I had to tear myself away from my PC. Kudos to the developer for putting together a quality offering.

Downsides: Very basic graphics, aliens are clones of each other, graphical glitches (especially line of sight and clipping)

Plus: Music, weapon variety, true to the Xcom gameplay style, easy to pick-up, fun to play

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great fun! worth downloading!

Nov 18 2010 by Dudok22