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I am known as Cylarne on Relicnews and many other places, but here on MOD DB, and Skype I am known as Lord Doofus, my preferred name as it is easy to change................ I am a developer for the Dawn of War game, and my mod is the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. I did A LOT with it. I am a coder, map maker, mod tester, AI developer, hex n' tex maker, FX maker, makes 2D images, voice act for units, make (poor quality) videos, scar code, create campaigns (with non lore related), GUI developer (expert at that), and finally I can make the "impossible" possible with super passionative thinking and enjoyment of developing games.

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New race created by you ?

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My very first video with the assistance of Tyrantarmy6. Uploaded by "Krronus_04" and shared here on MOD DB, this video shows new features in the Ultimate Apocalypse Mod yet.

The Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Dawn of War Soulstorm. This small demonstration is not a trailer, rather a SCAR coded small battle showing off some new stuff of our grand release coming January to May of 2012. The mod itself is known all over the DOW community, and even though it has been worked on for a little over a year, the content added has been maxed out to the extreme. Titans, more titans, more armies, units, structures, tactics, ai, gameplay, superweapons, new campaign, a new race that beats many other projects and best of all it includes things no other mod has.

This mod is the most liked by all members of the DOW franchise, and it has been for almost a year now. You will see why.

Take note that this is a small demonstration, our trailers and 2012 release will not be shown to any public without donations. You can donate via PayPal at jabic6@yahoo.com . If we receive enough, maybe only a dollar per person, the 2012 release is yours and we will be more than happy to work our hardest for you! 1 year of hard work has been put into it, and we cannot let it go to waste for free without your help.