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I am known as Cylarne on Relicnews and many other places, but here on MOD DB, and Skype I am known as Lord Doofus, my preferred name as it is easy to change................ I am a developer for the Dawn of War game, and my mod is the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. I did A LOT with it. I am a coder, map maker, mod tester, AI developer, hex n' tex maker, FX maker, makes 2D images, voice act for units, make (poor quality) videos, scar code, create campaigns (with non lore related), GUI developer (expert at that), and finally I can make the "impossible" possible with super passionative thinking and enjoyment of developing games.

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Youtube Progress And The Mod

Lord_Cylarne Blog 2 comments

Youtube Channel And Mod

Since my very first video went live (March 22nd, 2015), I have received a rapid increase of subscribers from 15 up to a mind boggling 51. 150-200 views in, it was astonishing. I thought to myself beforehand that my channel would not hit big because I was too late starting a channel and people are already making great videos with 1,000,000 subs and etcetera, well I KIND OF was too late... but let's just say that I'm glad I started it asap than say now or later. In a month's due time, 100 subscribers was hit and I was extremely impressed by my "semi average" accomplishments. And at that point I really started to care about youtube and started loving it to death. Example:

In a year due time, I now hit 2250 subscribers, and I really can't thank everyone enough for sticking with me and my channel for so long. There is actually people willing to sub to my videos and I'm proud to be of service!

Did you expect to read a long blog? Nah no reason to. Thank you everybody for following my mod. It is a pleasure to make it and stay tuned for the 1.87 release! Please subscribe to youtube here:


And if you like my free content and want to see more and more, don't hesitate to provide a little donation, too! Awards are provided until that goal is met as well!


Thanks for reading.

My Youtube Channel

Lord_Cylarne Blog 5 comments

Youtube Videos: Lord Cylarne


Edit: May 5th, 2015:

Well. :D Looks like I wanna do a 200 subscriber special!! This... is unexpected, awesome, motivating, I feel blessed, and I mostly want to thank YOU, each and every single person for watching my videos, and especially for those who subscribed!

I mean here I was less than two weeks ago working my butt off trying to achieve just 100, and it took me a month to do. I was expecting... not this and it is remarkable. I was expecting to get 200 subs in two months, 300 in three months, etc. but I come on today and I AM FULL OF JOY!

Thank you guys for enjoying (at least some) of my content. I dunno what to post for my 200 subs special because I thought I'd not get there this month so I didn't really put any thought into it, but, I'll think of something...

But yeah anyway, I'll shutup now. Again thanks for 200 subs!

Description of my channel:

I have created a youtube channel featuring (as current) lots of Ultimate Apocalypse THB Alpha and Beta videos on top of two vids featuring me playing 1.73.9 with friends. Later on that channel, I will not spoil my plans, but I want to do something very good for the public release of THB and also showcase a tutorial on how to install this and this and etc.

Future Plans

I want to in the future include other DOW mods. Showcase other DOW mods and other games. THB content is my top priority goal atm, and then later, I hope to become some kind of entertainer. Will I do this as a side job? Who knows, depends on the quality of my videos, but I know that I am off to a terrific start. :)

I am learning the ways of Youtubing

I am currently learning how to Youtube. Create intros. and outros. plus hopefully build up my confidence, edit videos properly, and all that good stuff. My secondary goal is to get to 1,000 subscribers before year end. At that point in time, I'd like to continue but at a much quicker pace. Pump out more videos, hell maybe even get 1,000,000 subscribers one day. :) But I have a lot to learn...

But my main goal:

Obviously besides finishing UA Mod: THB, and completing it best possible, create my dream game, and make my games as I love the most and film them on youtube! UA mod, I'm turning you into a game, and I want you filmed on this lovely website!

Please also subscribe and thanks for reading! Youtube.com

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Blog Reports And Diddle Daddle

Lord_Cylarne Blog 3 comments

User Posted Image

Large Visitor Map

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Apocalyptic Modding In Progress

Lord_Cylarne Blog 4 comments

Chaos Daemons Mod

News - The Mod's release!

The Daemons mod created by the official Daemons mod team has been released! Ever since 12/31/12, the Chaos Daemons mod was reworked to an extreme, here by including a total revamp to the Daemons mod version 0.96 back almost a year ago. What does version 1.4 bring? Only epicness. Only new stuff all over the place, only a total revamp! Daemons mod fans out there, if you played version 0.96 and you liked it, version 1.4 is A NEED TO GET!

Chaos Daemons Reloaded!Chaos Daemons - Bow To Me
Warp TimeChaos Daemons - Bow To Me

So what can we expect from the Chaos Daemons mod?

  • New and revamped artificial intelligence, making an utmost perfect race to play against with or without friends.
  • A complete Chaos Daemons unit and structure set!
  • New units, structures, abilities, FX, event files, textures, art files, new damage system and tons more that no other mod owns!
  • A new map created by our magnificent and master arts and craftsmanship who has created the Darkness Within campaign - Jaguar Lord, scar coded by a very fine scar coder who makes the impossible come alive - Cylarne_04!
  • 99.9% balanced gameplay! Tested over a thousand times by multiple team members who loves playing the mod over and over and over again.
  • Complete addiction and aesthetic appeal, with prolonged gameplay.
  • Instability rule! The instability gradually increases health of all daemons surrounded by warp essences, making them an utmost deadly force to rekon with, but the further away they get, the more they are exposed to the atmosphere!
  • Completely reworked economy and gameplay.
  • New dynamic strategies topped with multiple upon multiple paths of army productions that DO NOT limit the gameplay.
  • Advanced tech tree, beyond all other nine vanilla factions.
  • Multiple summonings of any and all Greater embodiments of Chaos!
  • There is just so much more that cannot fit!

To spice you up more:

Have you always wanted to play with an army that is 100% unique to any other faction in Dawn of War?

Have you always wondered what the essence of the warp will cause to those who stand in its path?

Are you a Chaos player? Dominating in the face of evil?

Are you Bloodthirsty, thriving to play the all new Chaos Daemons with ALL daemons in a full race mod?

Are you ready to command the army of Chaos Daemons!? Then let us hear it!

Daemons mod version 1.4 is released!!!! DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!

Daemons Mod - Complete (1.4)


The list of donators are provided in the link above!

More donations were added as of 9/1/13

Blog 3: What Am I Doing?

Lord_Cylarne Blog 5 comments

I was recently all inspired by my friend, Gambit to write this blog, because I have the time and I just want to get this off my chest out of pure entertainment (which is weird for me, I don't usually like to write about myself (like once a year essays about myself)), and here I go.

Before I started DOW (Dawn of War) I was only the typical average person in the world living the life in a popular zone of friends. My life as I knew it several 5-12 years ago was pretty casual, I partied a lot, slacked off in school, hang with my friends, well honestly, I am the most famous jerk back in the days, and I just loved being loved for being an asshole in a total good way, not by making fun of someone or being a bully, but just joking around with harsh ongoing jokes. Ironically, I was the quiet one, I never really talked a lot at all, I never made many girlfriends, I was instead very liked by many people, even though I'm socially awkward. Yes, you heard right, I am socially awkward, but not at all in a bad way. Interestingly, that never affected my life at all. I graduated from High School with a proud applause, and I was on the verge of becoming an adult, how drastic *cries*. :(

So after that, actually no, before I graduated, I got into DOW. How did I get into DOW? My cousin introduced me into DOW. I loved the thing. I became an official nerd at that point (ha ha funny, quiet you!), and I can honestly not tell you how much DOW gots me so smar' boss. I found my passion right there, modding. And so on... I was just so beyond addicted and all the computer classes I needed to take; I passed with A- and better.

Throughout my DOW games I was honestly not fond of Dark Crusade and Soulstorm being limited by Relic balance crap, so I figured out you could mod it and such. I made a mod called Ultimate Apocalypse version 1.6, the baby son of Apocalypse mod for Dawn of War: Soulstorm, two years after the completion of the campaign of Soulstorm. I was actually very good at it, apparently and the thread I created on RelicNews became vastly popular somehow. What inspired me to create Ultimate Apocalypse actually was the mod called Titanium Wars mod. I took over progress from Krronus too because people were so sad. I LOVED that mod so much (TWM and Apocalypse), I played it for a while and then Ultimate Apocalypse came out and I started playing that. :p The thing was buggy like all hells though, so in time I just improved it, and I improved it like crazy for two years I believe now.

I met my friend Cosmocrat, a very good modeler and before him, my friend Tyrantarmy, our trailer developer. I met a lot of good fellow mates, Corncobman, Whiteshield, Lleman, Jaguar Lord, Argonaut, RMX, Thudmeizer, Gorb, just way too many people to count and I became addicted to the modding community shortly after the release of Ultimate Apocalypse. Everyone loved the mod because of my handy additions and I just became famous now. I developed an entire team, Tyrantarmy, Cosmocrat, Profman, PsykoTenshi, RT2, Gambit, GreenTide, and Krronus. I have half team members, Torzel, deathwatch78, Corncobman, Sataman, Thudmeizer, and boothy_p (soon to be), they all are a part of the Daemons mod (unofficial team members yet to meet and work on the mod) or sidekicks that may/may not be a part of the Ultimate Apocalypse mod team. Oh and I work on the Empire At War mod now, so + 7 more Team members! I would like to talk about this too, but anyways... I am proud to be a nerd like the rest of you! :D

And then the part I like to spread my point across. I figured out I have low tolerance to idiots with opinion (lol). And I also figured out I have low tolerance to people who can't speak good language in definition to my language. I have enemies, I have people who actually hate me because the mod I do is just that good, or they feel threatened. I believe most of you recall the situation between me and GrOrc, yes? Gambit, the psychologist genius convinced me that I have misjudged GrOrc and many others who are not very good with the English language. I have also figured out that I have no good understandings to deal with people "irregular." I don't think it is a disability I have, Gambit implies it is something to learn from because I have "good spirit". Well, I have many enemies because of an irregular person, not only that, I am a nice solid asshole in total general (but in that good way which some people and only some misleads). :D

I seem angry in places online, I may seem childish in places online sometimes, well truth be told I am just not equipped to handle children or personnel involved with complex life styles, or simply put I misread language written from French to English or Russian to English and I just get all confused, and figure out that I am getting attacked later on online. Truth be told I am no normal person I was long ago, and I am just deep down devastated with rumors going on by the Russians because of GrOrc and all that crap. It's just misjudging an odd sense of characters and that is how I have enemies. Dang.

Modding for Dawn of War a long time ago was the funnest thing ever, but now after I received the knowledge of possible DOW engine errors and these enemies up and all over my back, my time online and modding becomes boring as all hells. That I admit, and retirement is my goal indeed. I am actually proud of retiring, but I unfortunately won't retire until the Ultimate Apocalypse Grand Release is out. I then will then continue the mod after the release if I get donations, etc. but I'd like to move on from the DOW community and get to work on my actual game I'd like to create called *censored*. It will be fun as all hells, and if you like the Ultimate Apocalypse mod, you have seen NOTHING yet.

It has been a real adventure, but to continue the Ultimate Apocalypse mod, I simply don't have the patience anymore. I will definitely finish the Grand Release and I'm proud to say it is coming this year! But I just can't go on modding after it... my life is getting shortened because of it and my college ease of difficulty is in a huge wreck because of it. The Grand Release along with the Daemons mod is going to be my finale of all time, my final relief. But as of tonight, the worries of getting things done haunts me once more.

Oh high school wherever did you go? Life as it is today; modding a boring game; redo it all, please.

Ultimate Apocalypse

Lord_Cylarne Blog 2 comments

When I first started the Apocalypse Mod back in the day, I was modding with my cousin, Krronus. Both of us were working on the Apocalypse Mod 1.19 back in the day and we were almost famous on DOW Filefront. From 1.0 upon Krronus's first release to version 1.58, we are now placed at the RelicNews forums where Krronus started his Apocalypse Mod thread, and 1.58 release was absolutely cool! Tyrantarmy6, our newest team member joined the Apocalypse Mod Team and then we were a team of THREE. With ideas being brought up from Tyrantarmy6, all new units, technology, the Warhound Titan, and a bunch of other stuff was introduced to the public. 1.58 was slightly bugged though, so Krronus released a 1.59. And from there, October 7, 2010, Krronus left the mod by force to join the military.

About 7 days later, I decided to take over Krronus's position and develop further, the Apocalypse Mod in Krronus's name! I created a new thread which is our homepage now, and a day later, a GREAT 3 member showed up to finish it as well. His talents were known as Cosmocrat. Cosmocrat is very skilled at moddeling, making new things in game. He fulfilled Krronus's dream in making the Doomsday Monolith best of all, and so then, I created the Doomsday Phalanx. Cosmocrat created the Doomsday Monolith, the Aeonic Orb, the Arka Cannon buildable, the Necron Super Generator, the Great Webway Assembly, Energy Beacons, Tau Hammerhead variants (including the heavy burst cannon, plasma cannon and fusion gun variants), new Boreale in Terminator Armor, the Revenant Titan, made some new textures for the Pylon, new texture for Bloodletter and Plague Bearer, created the XV9 Hazard Suit, XV202 Mako Titan, Imperial Guard walls with eagle texture, the Ork Stompa, the Ork Lifta Droppa, Imperial Reaver Titan (Mars Pattern), Tomb Stalker, Warlord Titan, the Void Dragon, and last but not least, the Triolith. Without Cosmocrat, there would be no point in me moving on from 1.62. All I would be able to do is insert FOK stuff, balance the mod a bit and maybe enhance the Kaurava campaign. Without Cosmocrat, there would be no true finish of the Apocalypse Mod, because there would be no Doomsday Monolith in the first place. Krronus's dream was to create the Doomsday Monolith, that's how the Apocalypse mod started, even though the Monolith was called the Necron Apocalypse Monolith back then.

So a few months after the 1.59 release. 1.6 was released and the crowd went unexpectedly wild. Many people have said that this was the best mod they have ever played, and it is so enjoyable that it brought many others to the attention of this mod, even if those people was never interested in DOW in the first place.

So now here we are at version 1.62.542. Hanov has taken over as Apocalypse Mod Public Release developer, and I shall fulfill everyone's dreams in the 2012 release, way beyond the public release. It is MY goal, and the Apocalypse Mod Team's finest hour. Long live The Apocalypse Mod 2012 release. Long live the new Demons race.

The Pretty Cat

Lord_Cylarne Blog

As of yesturday (7/23/11) (however we spell yesturday), me, my mom and my sister bought a very small cat. The small cat was SO cute and cuttle y, it was full of softness, twinkle eyes, fluffy fur, tiny little paws; he was adorable. My sister hadn't thought up a name for it yet however.

The day passed on and everyone fell asleep around 11:00pm, and about 3 hours later, I jigged up like a sissy girl out of my bed witnessing a powerful high pitched f**king annoying and ear bursting scream coming from my mom! I was f**king tired, I was freaked to almost death. I said during those moments of the scream, "f**king shut up, and drop asleep!" My mother told everyone to "com'ere, com 'er, come here!" So we did carlessly, and even exhausted, the cat was covered in blue.

The new cat was covered in blue EVERY WHERE. Under his arms, except one arm, his paws, his face and entire body, blue. Paw prints were followed by us all over the house, and on top of our rug floor, seven bottles of blue hair dye lay on the floor, scattered all over the place in a wide 60-75* direction. All but one spot in the middle, so very small and cat shaped was stained.

We took the cat to the bath tube to rinse the blue stuff off the cat, but it didn't come off, it was a permanent beastly color of awesome that stayed on our cat. So, now he is blue, he kinda looks like an Avatar from the movie "Avatar", so we named him Tsu'tay, the one Avatar character we like.

Do you have a blue cat?

Happy Birthday To You

Lord_Cylarne Blog

Did you know, if you sing happy birthday, it's actually a copy right violation?

It's true, and if you google it, you can prove me right. The owner of the song is I think Disney, but even then if you sing it and is reported, you pay a fine of $700.00 per person who sung the song. Absurd isn't it?
And so because I need at least 300 characters to post this blog, I need to just type words. You don't have to read this, but I have to keep writing. The light is dull when the shadows are bright, the windows release the air so thin at night. The crowds go wild with a loud cheer, every day it seems to be a good sight.

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