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This is my last blog because i need to apply the skin that Kark-Jocke sent to me

Since i intend internship and playing some MOBA,I Have lack of ideas to do some mods.

Also don't expect for some updates because i only have 4 hours using my laptop

Also i need to try to learn every mechanism from cncd2k,MustaphaTR Really did a great job for this


CNCD2K : The Version 3 of Fresh Finish is still work in progress,In this version the mission is getting more harder than V2 also some small changes

After this i will focus Westwood Gang but for now the map is unfinished because the strings is unfinished

After this i will do some development from my projects

All Subfactions from 2.9.4 will be reworked with concept from my old archived mod

DTA : Added Stavros for allies,A Volkov edit


ROTR : Woohoo @RedDeadSmeg made another campaign this time the its an Aleksandr Campaign A

This is the act 1 version so idk if there would be a 2nd act or third

Gonna try to test it later!


I'm gonna try to play some other games from my yt channel

You know to find some inspirations

That doesn't mean i am taking break from that

I just edited another Ra2 Missions called Commando By ArgCmdr

it's still W.I.P

in that mission instead seal it gonna be another heroine(i am not gonna tell who is it)


Act 1 of Aleksandr Campaign is finished!

In meantime i will go to M.U.G.E.N world to do to do some editing chars however it take some times since i also modding CNCD2K


Lack of ideas for some reason and since internship i always sleep late

My bad btw

I will work CNCD2K Later if i could


Alright i have no progress for CNCD2K

I decide to take a look for some old mod,Here is the example :

Robot Storm,Blitzkrieg,Sudden Strike,And Allied Revenge 2

Since the mod using XCC Mod Launcher when you close the mod

it'll disappeared right?

that means you can't use ares due of that.

When you tried to activate the mod they're gonna drop the file at specified install path so you need to edit it on regedit if you have bunch of YR Mods

When you activate the mod,The mod will run the game

What you need to do is simple,hold on alt+tab or press windows button

Sort your Red alert 2 Yuri's Revenge file from date modified after that make a new folder and copy it

Close the game and copy it back to your YR Folder

And! Download Ares 1.0!

So far i just edit the rulesmd.ini and i only add the bounty for infantry to test some stuff


Just started making a new faction for CNCD2K

Yup one from Allies Revenge 2

It's called Genesis

Basically they're infantry is limited but i'll try to add some like siege infantry and the commando if possible


Well time for the updates,

i found it funny when i tried to import the file from AR2

Guess What?

All files has been overwritten such as the ore stuff or sort of that

Anyway since the mission is W.I.P and i just out of idea for some reason

I planned to make a challenge map based from the Public Multiplayer Map

You'll see how does it look...

My eyes feel really tired,Using My G+ Account felt like a ghost,Everything i've done it does not like

my expecations


Yesterday my laptop keyboard is broken

Some of the letters wasn't responding

I found this problem when i tried to play some NES Games

I can't blame this laptop or myself,This laptop about 9 years old


Shroud challenge is my first challenge map for CNCD2K,however i'm still trying to figure it out how to make the faction automatically set and you only need to set any faction you wanted to play with exception the opponent faction

The Flame weapons is scrapped

Because the Op issues give a problem about this map

In order to make it compatible with other factions

I will try to figure it out later

New Discord Server about CNCD2K

Check it out : Discord.gg


Scrapping the shroud challenge

Next challenge will be Ironfist Challenge

Facing 3 Russian Commander with Advanced Twsla Technology


Dammit i felt lazy also got a blank progress due of project and the time limitations i had


Done testing also the preview for the Ironfist challenge will be uploaded soon

Basically i will fix some crash that cause on this map

Anyway have a nice day


Now i just fixed my Final alert 2 which means i can

Make triggers on my own

However i am still confused for that


Lol i've felt gone about 1 week

Well recently no updates because my brain got a

problem for this...

But i will try to finish the challenge


Oh boi felt like silence

Also i can't decide what i should upload....


Not the best day

But yeah i make a problem at MO Server again

Yeah i am the problem by tagging the user 4 times

Again i am sorry and i respect you all...

(P.S : Thanks for make me offended,I Feel like useless people)


Too busy for a reason


SteamDev got a problem with his YR

which is a reason the CNCD2K Development has stopped working



Well i was kinda lost interest or whatever

Mod kinda lost progress because internship

After internship over i need to focus my semester exam


Oh boy the moddb kinda silence here

and uhh idk


My C&C Generals Zero Hour is Corrupted

When i try to play some challenge it didn't work at all,Just crashed

So i tried to reinstall it by downloading at some site unfortunately

It made my generals.exe need some requirement

I Forgot where did i download the game but sigh


i just playing some megaman powered up basically

a remake of 1st megaman game however with some

difference like Timeman and Oilman is in the game

i'm using a save file with all chars unlocked

i'm really sorry if you hate this but this game released since

2006 and capcom didn't have the site anymore

My laptop got a problem like freezing or something like that

Due of this i can't work


For this state i do factory reset at my laptop which means

every data from that laptop will be erased

So yeah


Wat is 5 april already?

My Birthday Is 5 April



Got a fever and flu yesterday

Also i did not have big update due of school

Speaking about CNCD2K

Fun Mission 7 is completed with new stuff

Steamdev is offline about 2 days so i need to update the map again


This probably the most busy month so yeah it's gonna be more crazy


Heh nice time travel that i've forgot to fix it

Anyway sorry for no update

Basically people didn't care for that so yeah

i am not sure when i could bring a new progress of CNCD2K as i was really busy with another project from another game.

However if you want to help me to bring some idea about CNCD2K that would be great

We need some shp's for tunnel network and new coders as i can't work this mod by myself

So yeah that's all for now.


So as someone request the Pro:Gen Mod Deathstrike Nerf Patch i decide to revive the project.

The 2nd Version of this project will be renamed to Boss Nerf Patch Pack. The only Boss need to nerf are

Ironside and Deathstrike.

Deathstrike in Hard and Brutal somewhat impossible to beat as GLA. GLA didn't have a good defenses and Deathstrike units are Overpowered. His Quad cannon can wreck your defenses quickly. No Infantry can safe against him due of his Vulcan Sniper Bullet of Quad cannon.

Ironside was surprisingly Easy for USA And China mainly in order to beat him you need about 2 or 4 Comanches or 1 Helix With Battle Bunker.

However his Attack are surprisingly very offensive. Ironside will try to send everything through your base until the first particle cannon will be fired. In Brutal his superweapon are ready to send through your base so as GLA you wouldn't safe against him.

As Deathstrike most of his arms dealers will be replaced. As Ironside itself still on plan.


Pro Gen Mod Update:

Deathstrike second test(first test forgot to put the quad cannon)

So far in brutal he only can send few forces for some reasons.

The only annoying thing is Hijacker because it's official from the Pro Gen Itself so i decide to ignore it.

Now the problem should i fix is General Powers and Superweapons.

The SCUD Storm will got some delays depending the difficulty.

In Normal he will build it when you promoted to 5th Rank.

In Brutal he will build it when you promoted to 3rd Rank.

the superweapon launch delay still on plan.

Also i need to fix the stupid things like SCUD Storm launch but gone missing.

No update about CNCD2K not because i am lazy but i am still plan for some ideas for GLA also it takes some times.


SteamsDev Red Ressurection got bugged, I just planned to play with him but unfortunately it ended like this.

I hope tommorow your red ressurection will be fixed.


Project will be paused due of uncertain situation and other lazyness

Maybe i will try to take a look Ironside Map later.

Leang also got a small modifications.

While the difficulty has no problem her superweapon got bugged.

This bug can't be fixed due of numerous reasons so the superweapon can't be replaced.

Leang will get their forces back from the original vanilla zero hour so it can be hard or easy.

While Ironside map are simple there is nothing i can do with it.

His forces will get a balance later also some some scripts will be reworked.

Some Superweapons stuff will be available at rank 5.

Unlike Original USA Boss, He will get full arsenal from 3 generals.

While his attack still aggressive, His base also almost unpassable. But that does not mean its impossible.

He still can be beaten because he did not send much forces.

Finally! We got play some match on Red Ressurections.

So its a very long battle and i can't upload it due of upload issues and my video size is about 4gb.

Both of us are developing a various tactics and yeah it ended tie because :

1.Connection Lost

2. My mom force me to sleep so the battle end unfinished

Overall its a fun online match. Hopefully we will do another different match such as 2 vs 2 or something.

Anyway i got Rise of the East and Latest Shockwave Chaos.

I got RotE recorded however it's unfinished so yeag pardon me for that.


Ok maybe this is kinda complicated. Trying to become multitasking person at this age is not valid for now.

Reason because i kinda super lazy for some reason.

Sometimes i need some break also i need to finish my walkthrough from YT.

So for now i will pause every project i have and trying to finish everything at YT. After that maybe i will back at project however my school vacation would be end until 6 July.

I think that's all for now.


Alright this is getting serious. So for some reason i feel like stupid right now, Now i feel like lack of experience in modding due of stressful things and my head is hurt also because i am playing Mighty o.9 too much.

Maybe because my brain got contaminated by some NSFW Content(i decide to be honest instead lying).

I already stop doing this thing yesterday because it's unhealthy for me and it's a bad habits.

Btw that's what i felt right now

Speaking about CNCD2K like i said earlier i had a lack experience to revive it.

When i tried to open my laptop i just ended watching Mighty No.9 instead reviving it, Maybe because i am more interested than C&C Series.

This doesn't mean i am end the progress of this mod, I can't tell when i am back to do these things. Also i am back at school at 6 July 2018, Maybe i already told this about long time ago but just to remind you.

If you have any ideas for CNCD2K let me know because i will try to modify the mod and bring my experience back.


Its july and its time for some updates

Man i can't sleep for a reason but whatever.

This time about cncd2k.

We are planning to make a new campaign .

It's about GLA but before they born they still join until theyare making a new faction by themself.

I am not gonna spoil them much since i am still make the plan.


2 days remaining for the goddamn school

Alright Robert got a mental health problem due of friend loss while me i got a health issues too.

My heel everytime i walk, it is hurt also my butt somewhat problem.

Anyway not sure i am gonna keep my promise.



It's been a while i didn't touch anything about this. Well yeah things can't be predicted at future so we wouldn't know what would happen next.

Let's start with the first one CNCD2K

So first of all i just done balancing some of GLA Units and messing up the cash when you defeat some infantry.

Also Gazelle has been added as well.

GLA Shelter has been modified from battle bunker into tunnel network.

I Also add a new Special power for all GLA Faction which allow you to spawn shelter and move your forces at the destination.

For other plans i don't had a time since i always sleep late.

Because this i always can't concentrate perfectly however i will try to fix this all.

That's all for this update


Very limited time at this time also i got failed on exam due of my activity.

However i may changed sometimes.

So far no update for cncd2k and planning for my yt channel

I almost reaching 300 subs and planning to make a special megaman walkthrough videos

so wait until i got 300 subs


Due of school issues and had an other project to do.

I Decide to discontinued the mod development for a while,

We don't really know when i will back to continue the mod development.

My experience of modding become melted after i am stick playing megaman too much

I am not sure about this but if you want to help me for CNCD2K development

Contact me.


Alright i've been gone for a long time because you know, Ihad another things to do. Especially do a mega man videos which is a new things On my YT channel.

What about the mod?

Well while the mod looks like didn't had progress. I still had to think some ideas to develop this mod.

If you want to know what is it, Here some small games :

Try to crack these code and you will find what does it said in this code!


Good Luck!


For people who visiting my moddb page.

Well, Hi.

I haven't make a lot of update of this mod.

Long story short that i abandoned my mod projects. The only project i can do is a small project like general challenge edit.

Back when i create my moddb account, I only known a bit when modding Yuri Revenge. All i know is basically editing rulesmd_ini in Yuri Revenge.

I never get through to the part where i am learning how to make or add anim because i have no skills at making sprites and there is no pubic anim exists afaik. So that's what i can do now.

Since mustaphaTR moving on making an OpenRA Mod, The CNCD2K Mod is abandoned.

So i tried to revamp the mod by fix some bugs.that existed in 2.9.4.

To tell the truth, Since my college started. I totally forgot about this mod and because this

I cannot continue the mod as i totally lost interest modding YR.

SteamDev also has a same problem with me.

If you want the latest version of the mod, You can go to the CNCD2K discord server where i uploaded the latest version of CNCD2K mod.

So yeah that's all.



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I'm here again to wish you a happy new year IvanderLim! ( Moddb.com )

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IvanderLim Creator

happy new year to you too Kark-Jocke

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I'm here again just to wish you a happy new year 2018! IvanderLim ( Moddb.com )

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IvanderLim Creator

Happy new year to you too Kark-Jocke

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Happy New Year To You Happy 2018 To You

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IvanderLim Creator

happy new year to you too

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❆❅❆ I'm here now to wish you a Merry Christmas IvanderLim ( Moddb.com ) ❆❅❆

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IvanderLim Creator

Merry Christmas to you Kark-Jocke

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All good here thanks for asking, been working so hard this days xD You got ill? that's not good, but it's good to hear that you are feeling better again :D

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IvanderLim Creator

Sorry for late reply
Yeah i've been felt better since 22 oct

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