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Hi, my name is Victor, I'm 21 and I live in Dublin - Ireland. I enjoy pc games, It's where I mostly spend my free time. I believe I am trustable, fun and, most important, friendly. I have lots of games, you may not believe (in fact not even I believed when my mother told me) but I started playing computer games when I was 2 years old, the first game I played was Doom Shareware (DEMO), believe or not I still play it. My favourite games are: Dungeon Keeper (hated 2 though, and cant wait for 3!) all Valve and Id Software games (never played Commander Keen though), Killing Floor, Roller Coaster Tycoon (1 and 2), Duke Nukem 3D (All Expansions), Age Of Empires (2 and The Conquerors), and many others.

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The Walking Dead

Game review may contain spoilers - 3 agree - 1 disagree

This game is also for the iOS so here i am writing a review from my iphone (:

Graphics: awesome, though it lags a bit on my iPhone 4
Story: involving, interesting, genious though its a bit frustrating that changing your actions will end up mostly the same thing, for instance, if you save Doug, hell say the same things as if you saved Carly. Should come up with different endings, would make this game even more addicting, and should, at least, boost its lifetime, because we would play to see "what would have happened if i had chosen the other option?"
Gameplay: stuck. Lets be honest here, everybody likes freedom. I would like to check more options instead of straight forward to my goal. For instance, when you can move in this game, theres an invisible wall to limit your movement, meaning that you cant explore the entire environment, because you have to follow a straigh line! Meaning this story is linear, confirming what i said before. I think we should get more options on the gameplay
Bugs/glitches: the most annoying i found, was one that, if the cutscene ended, and just before the game allow you to move, you clicked something, it would be like youre holding your finger on the screen, meaning that you cant click that button unless you die, or exit the game. Had to restart Carly/Doug rescue scene 4 times because of this annoying glitch, because they died.
Suggestions: different endings would just be more than enough. We should have more options when interacting with the environment. Ill take the car accident scene, where you kill the zombie cop, as an example. When you click the cop, the only option that comes up, is to take the keys, but what about like, "Kick", "Shake" (could be generalized options, like theyll always be there) "Give Item", "Talk To", "Look At" "Search"...that could change a lot in gameplay, story and everything. We could find more items to use in the environment, weapons, food, etc. We should be able to move the camera completely too.



Project Zomboid

Early access game review - 2 agree

so cool... i played this long ago... so many things were fixed since i played it for the first time.



Game review - 2 agree

so much to create!



Engine review


Engine review - 11 agree

this engine is known all around the world... This was, is and it will still be half-life



Engine review

one of the best engines that i have EVER seen... It seens that this is recent but actually its from 2002-2004... It has been developed along with half-life 2 (interesting fact is that hl2 started its development back in 1999, but by that time valve was still using the goldsrc engine)


Garry's Mod

Game review

Killing Floor

Game review - 8 agree - 1 disagree

this is definately, BY FAR, one of the best games i have EVER played...
Freaking HUGE arsenal (over 20 weapons)
Different enemies (10 to be specific)
Zed time (slow mo)
Different diffuculties: begginner, normal, hard, sucidal and hell on earth
Seven different perks to choose from: field medic, support specialist, sharpshooter, commando, berserker, firebug and demolitions


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